Kim Kardashian West SLAMMED for wearing traditional Indian maang tikka to church!

Hollywood star Kim Kardashian has been accused of cultural in appropriation after she posted a picture on Instagram where she is seen donning an Indian head ornament, maang tikka for a weekly Sunday church service.

Kim Kardashian West SLAMMED for wearing maang tikka to church!
Updated: 10 Apr 2019 12:58 PM
  • Kim Kardashian has been accused of cultural in appropriation
  • The social media star recently wore a maang tikka to Church service
  • The photo of Kim K with maang tikka made a stir when it was shared online
Reality TV star Kim Kardashian West has courted criticism for wearing a traditional Indian maang tika, a jewellery piece worn on the head, for a church service.

Kim Kardashian and rapper husband Kanye West are among the most happening couples in Hollywood. (AFP Photo)

The 38-year-old mother-of-three shared her outfit on social media with the caption 'Sunday Service Vibe', but some Instagram users were unimpressed with her mishmash of cultural items, reported

Kim Kardashian leaves nothing to imagination in her BOLD cutout gown!

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Sunday Service Vibe 📷 @elirusselllinnetz

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Kim, who boasts 133 million followers on Instagram, accessorised her flowing white dress with gold Indian-inspired jewelry, including the head piece typically worn at times of celebration.

The photo made a stir when it was shared online.

One user said that "culture is not a costume" and that it was wrong for Kim to adorn it.

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"This is not a Sunday Service Vibe, it's an Indian vibe," another complained.

some of the users'comments on Kim K's post

One user explained the cultural significance of the head piece and wrote in depth about how Kim had appropriated her culture.

"For those of you who don't know, the maang tika is a ceremonial head piece traditionally worn by the bride. Wearing white in India is traditionally reserved for funerals," another explained.

"On top of that she wore this to a Christian service. She probably thought it was just jewellery, but when that piece has literally been used for centuries wouldn't you kinda think there must be some sort of significant meaning held towards it," wrote another user.

There was a different side to the coin as well, as not everyone found Kim's look offensive.