OMG! WATCH Ajay Devgn's extreme Bulgaria shoot VIDEO for 'SHIVAAY' at minus 19 degrees in only a T-shirt

By: shrutis
Updated: 18 Apr 2016 07:13 PM
Ajay Devgn shot in extreme weather conditions in minus 19 degree temperature at the top of Balkain mountains for 'Shivaay' and he was required to shoot it wearing only a tee shirt.

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Ajay Devgn has been in Bulgaria shooting 'Shivaay', his next directorial venture. For this particular scene he had to stand atop the Pirin mountains and give a shot braving the strong winds and snow caused by the helicopter flying around him, shooting him, for whole 40 mintues.

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The crew standing much lower at the mountain, was keeping medico on standby and keeping fingers crossed.

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The moment shot was taken, Ajay trembled but the crew reached him and helped him wear a jacket and sat him on the scooter cruising him away for a while to his hotel room.

The crew member also said that Ajay will not be able to shoot for a while.

Devgn and his team were shooting at the highest peak of Bulgaria’s Pirin Mountain’s at VIHREN peak in Bansko.

Ajay Devgn shared this shoot video on Twitter and wrote with it.. “When the going gets tough, tough get going! Heartfelt thanks to fantastic TeamShivaay for an Extreme Bulgaria shoot.”

According to reports, There was heavy snowfall the night before and the temperatures unusually were running record low at the time for the season. Due to the extreme cold, Devgn suddenly got hypothermia. The Doctor advised at least 2 days of rest but Ajay Devgn was back in 30mins inspite of the temperature that they were shooting in. It was -19 degrees Celsius.

The mountain specialists and guide on the shoot was also very worried as this is not a usual shoot that he has guided before.​The Bulgarian crew, though used to extreme cold conditions were also very worried at the 40mins non-stop chopper shoot that Ajay Devgn pulled off on top of the Vihren Peak while all the crew waited on a safe point below.