Operation Karaoke: Here's how Sunny Leone, Sonu Sood, Shakti Kapoor & Abhijeet REACTED to the accusations on them!

Operation Karaoke: Sunny Leone, Sonu Sood, Abhijeet Bhattacharya, Shakti Kapoor REACT to Cobra Post sting operation!
By: Filmymonkey Team
Updated: 20 Feb 2019 03:17 PM
36 famous faces from Bollywood and TV which included singers, comedians & stars, were in headlines on Tuesday after their sting operation videos went viral on social media which were parts of the 60 minutes long Cobra Post documentary released yesterday. This included actors like Jackie Shroff, Shakti Kapoor... Popular singers Mika Singh, Kailash Kher, Abhijeet Bhattacharya... Actors Vivek Oberoi, Mahima Chaudhary, Sonu Sood, Sunny Leone, Minissha Lamba... Comedians Krushna Abhishek, Surendra Pal, Raju Srivastava, VIP & others who were seen agreeing to accept money in exchange of promoting various political parties from their social media profiles.

VIDEOS: Cobra Post’s ‘Operation Karaoke’ exposes 36 Bollywood & TV celebrities including Sunny Leone, Vivek Oberoi, Krushna Abhishek, Jackie Shroff & othersaccepting money to promote political parties!

Now some of them have reacted to the sting operation denying what they have been portrayed doing in it.

Sunny Leone: 

Sunny was with her husband Daniel Weber when Cobra Post approached her and she had a condition of granting her husband Overseas Citizenship to support BJP. She says in the video- "Modi Sir Daniel ko overseas citizen banaya so hum zarur support karenge". Check out the glimpse of the sting conducted on Sunny below: 


Sunny now justifies what's heard in the video in a long message she shared on Twitter. She captioned it - "Clarity !!!!!!". In her message she says she's not campaigning for any political party and if and when she does promote one, she will be the first one to announce it. She also clarified over the discussion she is seen having in the video. And making her final point, she says that she hasn't posted or expressed any political view point yet as can be seen on her social media.

Abhijeet Bhattacharya: 

In the sting operation video, Bollywood playback singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya offers to make incendiary videos that would make viewers’ blood boil: “Wo mera video lijiye aap statement live … paanch-paanch minute teen-teen chaar minute ke khoon khaulane wala video lijiye”.


Reacting to the sting operation, the popular playback singer of the 90s said in an interview with in.com - "Agar aap ye video dhyaan se dekhe to ek baar bhi mera muh khula nahi haiin logon ne bas shoot kiya hai... kiss bare me baat kar rahe hai, kya hai kahi nahi mention kiya hai. Aap dhyaan se dekhiye, ek jagah bhi mera muh nahi khula hai. Kya karne aaye hai kuch bataya nahi".

He further added - "We keep doing such meets for shows and we discuss the brands and their products but here they didn’t share any such detail. In my video, I haven’t uttered a single word aur agar bola hai to I am questioning them, kya promote kar rahe hai, kiss cheez ka promotion hai? I don’t know about others (Jackie Shroff and Vivek Oberoi) but it has got nothing to do with me. In my video, you won’t hear my voice for anything apart from me questioning them. This Cobrapost was dead, they want to be in news and this is basically Congress’ game to target Modi bhakts, I am a Modi bhakt. All they want is publicity and you calling me to question about it meets their purpose."

Sonu Sood:

Actor Sonu Sood who's head saying "Any doubt? “Nahi, nahi, Bilkul nahi. I got the point” says Sonu Sood. He seeks to Increase his Fee “I feel ki jo apan 1.5 crore soch rahe hain it should be at least 2.5”.. in the video, issues a statement defending himself.


"What was actually discussed has been wrongly reproduced and projected. This is a clear case of sabotage. The editing has been tampered with and only certain elements of the conversation have been used and projected in the wrong light. To add to that the background score only sensationalizes it further. It is very regular for brands, political parties, individuals and corporates to use celebrity social media platforms for promotions. It's the content being posted that needs to be responsible and something that the celebrity believes in. Even such collaborations and endorsements have to be followed in an ethical and responsible manner".  

Adds further: "In the video too, I had clearly stated that I won’t demean any party or promote anything which is not right or not true. I would always be open to promote or highlight good work, which everyone would agree isn't wrong whatsoever. With reference to the contract, I had also clearly stated that I want everything to officially be put on paper as that is the regular protocol. Promoting brands, political parties, individuals or corporations isn't wrong as long as you believe in the product, the ideologies, and the intention".

Shakti Kapoor: 

“Aap batao na maine toh bola 9 Crore, ek Crore per Mahina… aapne Twitter ka baat kiya, Facebook ka baat kiya aur Instagram ka”. He also did not want white money and demanded payment in cash only: “Number one mein daalo mat.” The video shows the reporters approaching him to promote BJP. "I love BJP. I will always stand with BJP," said the actor, adding that he had a lot of respect for them and that would always be there for the party in any capacity.


When Shakti Kapoor was approached by in.com, he denied reports saying "I am not on the tweets". The sting operation video of Shakti Kapoor does have a mention of Twitter during the fake deal conversation.

The video shows the reporters approaching him to promote BJP. "I love BJP. I will always stand with BJP," said the actor, adding that he had a lot of respect for them and that would always be there for the party in any capacity. "On the contrary, if I can do any small help from my side, I am always there to do it for them. I am always with the BJP," he said.

Along with exposing these 36 celebrities, Cobra Post also revealed that Vidya Balan, Arshad Warsi, Saumya Tandon & Raza Murad on the other hand, had rejected their offer. And currently the four of them are being praised by the fans on social media for not falling for the offer and "selling their souls".'

Watch the full 60 min documentary of 'Operation Karaoke' below: