Padma Shri award to be taken away from Saif Ali Khan?

By: admin
Updated: 17 Mar 2015 11:49 AM
New Delhi: Now what’s with Saif Ali Khan’s Padmashri award? Already there has been a lot of controversy on it and now there is one more thing that has come up to stand against the decision of giving away the award to Saif.


Back in 2012, Saif Ali Khan got into a fight with a customer at Taj hotel. And now after 3 years, an RTI activist has filed a petition against the same and demands that Saif must be stripped off Padmashri for his unruly behavior at the Taj hotel.


Okay that happened a while ago, but now this anger of Saif would take away the Padmashri from him? Is it right? What do you think?