PM Narendra Modi: Shabana Azmi slams makers over including Javed Akhtar's name in film's credit list

Veteran actress Shabana Azmi has slammed the makers of the film 'PM Narendra Modi' for including Javed Akhtar's name in the credit list

PM Narendra Modi: Shabana Azmi slams Modi biopic's makers over including Javed Akhtar's name in film's credit list
Updated: 24 Mar 2019 10:59 PM
  • Shabana feels makers of the film intentionally added Javed Akhtar's name to credit list
  • The film stars Vivek Oberoi as PM Narendra Modi
  • The biopic is slated to release on April 5.
Mumbai: Veteran actress Shabana Azmi feels makers of "PM Narendra Modi" biopic intentionally added her husband and veteran lyricist Javed Akhtar's name to the film's credits list.

"It is quite clear this was done with deliberate intentions to mislead public into believing that Javed Akhtar has written the songs for 'PM Narendra Modi' when the song 'Ishwar allah tere jahan mein' is from Deepa Mehta's film '1947 Earth'," she tweeted.

Earlier this week, Akhtar also took to Twitter to express shock to see his name in the credits of the film's trailer. His name was mentioned among several other artistes in the lyrics category.

Akhtar said he had not written any songs for the film.

Javed Akhtar shocked to find his name on 'PM Narendra Modi' credits

Soon after Akhtar's tweet went viral and created a buzz, Sandeep Ssingh, one of the producers of the film, cleared the air about giving credits to the lyricists.

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"T-Series being the official music partner of our film...we have taken the song 'Ishwar Allah' from the film '1947: Earth' and the song 'Suno gaur se duniya walon' from the film 'Dus', thus we have given the due credits to respective lyricists Javed Sahab and Sameerji," Ssingh, also the creative director and story writer of the film, said in a statement.

Actor Vivek Anand Oberoi essays Modi in the biopic, which is scheduled to release on April 5.