Rangoli Chandel Posts Her Throwback College Pics Right Before Acid Attack & After With The Damaged Ear Sharing The Horrifying Incident!

Kangana Ranaut's elder sister Rangoli Chandel took to Twitter to shared some throwback pictures from her college and teenage days and also reveals her look after acid attack she suffered during college

Rangoli Chandel posts her pictures righte before acid attack and after, with the damaged ear sharing the horrifying incident in detail
By: Shruti Srivastava
Updated: 02 Oct 2019 03:11 PM
Kangana Ranaut's elder sister Rangoli Chandel who's also a mother to her son Prithviraj Chandel with husband Ajay, remains in headlines with her strong opinions and regular digs she takes at Bollywood and various celebrities[Taapsee Pannu Posts Long Note Answering Those Questioning Her Role In 'Saand Ki Aankh', Rangoli Chandel Writes: "Bhai Ja Thodi Acting Seekh Le"] but her latest tweets tell the story of the gruesome acid attack she suffered during college. While Rangoli, the acid attack survivor, revealed her left part of the face which got burnt during acid attack damaging her ear in her tweets today, it started with her picture-posts she made on Twitter a day ago. Rangoli had taken to social media to treat fans with a throwback picture of her's and Kangana's from 1998. The teenager Rangoli with little sister Kangana are seen posing with their mother in the picture and she captioned it- "Look what I found a picture of Chotu and me with mom can anyone spot the calendar behind with year written on it ?". 

Soon after she posted another picture on fans' dedmand from her college days, saying- "OMG !! Such an overwhelming response to our childhood pics, lot of friends asking for my pics from college, ha ha we were science students, we had no time for all this, still found one from annual day". 

In her tweets followed, she shared how shortly after these college pictures were clicked, a man threw acid on her face.

She wrote- "Shortly after this image was clicked, the guy whose proposal I refused threw one litre acid on my face, I had to go through 54 surgeries strangely and simultaneously my little sister was physically assaulted and almost beaten to death for what ? Cause our parents gave birth to beautiful, intelligent and confident daughters, world is not kind to girl child ,time to fight all kind of social evil ... so it’s safer for our children".

She shares that it was her husband and sister Kangana who stood by her side when a person asked her "How can you be so brave? Any tips for the youngster's to how to tackle the hardship ? Our country has poor Rankings in happiness index. What would you like to recommend to the youths to be happy?"

Kangana Ranaut with sister Rangoli, her husband Ajay and their son Prithvi during a lunch outing few months ago (Pic: Manav Manglani)

Rangoli- "I don’t know wat to say honestly I had given up on my life, my now husband bt back den jst a normal friend washd my wounds &waited outside operation theatres fr years vry supportive sister & parents collectively breathed life in to me.. can’t take credit fr wat my life is today"

And early this morning, Rangoli chose to come out with her scars in public and shared a picture of her's revealing the acid-affected left side of her face that exposed her damaged ear too. A brave move we must say! Rangoli is otherwise keeping it covered under her hair at all public appearances.

Rangoli wrote with the picture- "Lot of people feeling sorry about the fact that I lost my beauty, honestly when your organs melt before your eyes beauty is the last thing you care about, even after 54 surgeries over a span of 5 years doctors couldn’t reconstruct my ear. I had lost one eye had a retina transplant, doctors took skin patches from all over my body and grafted my one breast which was severely damaged, during breast feeding Prithu I felt many complications. Even now I can’t stretch my neck sometime itching in grafted skin is so bad that I wish I was dead... shockingly acid victims numbers are very high in India, the culprit was out on bail within few weeks, it was too painful to see him roam around freely. I stopped following the case, why not death sentence for these people? Beauty was the last thing I cared about I was university topper but best years of my youth went in operation theatres, even though I had 90 percent burn still no reservation for acid survivors. Why ?? These are some of the questions we need to ask ourselves and our system."

Acid-survivor Rangoli Chandel's picture she tweeted this morning

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Kangana and Rangoli

" it all happened in Dehradoon where I was studying in Uttaranchal college of science & technology !!" -revealed Rangoli in the tweets further and also that it was Kangana who helped her dissociate from all this.

A concerned and furious fan asked her- "Where is this monster? Living free? He has a wife, children? A job? A normal face, a normal eye, ear? He itches, is he in pain? Or does he sleep comfortable? Has he repented? Does he care today?!"

She wrote- "I don’t know initially I wanted to know everything but my sister helped me disassociate from all this, it was harming my recovery process and now my husband and my son are my priority not going after a culprit. I do believe sadak chaap romeos are a big evil of our society and we need to fight the mindset not individuals."

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More power to Rangoli and other acid-survivor girls!