Shah Rukh Khan wants to make 'Main Hoon Na' sequel!

By: admin
Updated: 30 Apr 2014 11:27 AM
New Delhi:  Shah Rukh Khan and director Farah Khan's first  collaboration 'Main Hoo Na' has completed 10 years and the Bollywood superstar has expressed a desire to make a sequel of the hit 2004 film.




The two are currently working together on 'Happy New Year', which will hit theatres on October 23 this year.


 "Farah Khan let's make a sequel after 'Happy New Year'.... 'Main Na Hoon Na! Only bathing scenes and the whole film shot in a tub," Shah Rukh posted on twitter.


'Main Hoon Na' marked the directorial debut of choreographer Farah and was released on April 30, 2004.


"Sorry will pakao (bore) you all today with nostalgia about 'Main Hoon Na'...In a senti mood today," Farah tweeted.


"Thank you SRK for changing the course of my life.. In so many ways with 'MHN'," she further said.