Hrithik Roshan captures the hardships of Anand Kumar's life in 'Super 30' with utmost perfection

Also featuring Mrunal Thakur opposite Hrithik Roshan, 'Super 30' is all set to hit theaters on 12th July.

'Super 30' actor Hrithik Roshan captures the hardships of Anand Kumar's life with utmost perfection in the film
By: Filmymonkey Team
Updated: 26 Jun 2019 09:28 PM
Super 30's Anand Kumar recalls it, the initial days of his life were spent selling papad on the streets and it was the most difficult phase of his life. To everyone’s surprise, Hrithik Roshan shot the scene in the exact same way to feel the struggle and stress that would have gone through during that phase in his life.

To feel the struggles and capture the journey right, Hrithik Roshan shot in the scorching heat of 45 degrees of Rajasthan. This scene has been one of the crucial journeys of Anand's life. And so to get the sentiment of the scene right, Hrithik has shot these scenes in the scorching hot weather of Rajasthan. It wasn't an easy scene to execute as the actor used to get drenched in sweat due to the heat feeling dehydrated almost looking destitute.

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Sources close to the film adds, "Hrithik wanted to be in that environment, he used to be under the burning sun on the streets for hours, feeling the struggle and the world of  and attempting to catch the soul of the character. When this look was discussed by the makers it was quite a challenge to imagine the Asia sexiest man as papad seller on the streets. There were multiple look tests to achieve the right look and in fact. The look was finally locked when the team was shooting for the first schedule in Rajasthan. While shooting it happened that we noticed a few actual street hawkers and papad sellers in the location and we were very happy to notice how well Hrithik blended in with them and he looked like he fit right into that world.

Infact this is almost what the real man Anand Kumar experienced. The kind of tension, pain and struggle Anand went through this phase, despite being an IIT passed student, the man used to earn bucks out of selling papad. Hrithik has attempted at bringing the exact same essence and similar kind of tension to the character with his look as can be seen in the pictures.

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Capturing all the journey while shooting for papad scene, Hrithik Roshan also expresses, “The location and environment was a difficult one to shoot in not only for me but for the entire crew. And, it was a constant struggle to stay in character and become comfortable with being uncomfortable. The papad selling phase of Anand Kumar’s journey is an important one as it was cathartic and became the genesis of all that he did later on in his life.

The film is all set to hit theaters on 12th July.