Upset about how Tarun Tejpal seems to have behaved: Aamir Khan

By: admin
Updated: 16 Dec 2013 03:46 PM
Mumbai: Expressing support to the woman journalist who was allegedly molested by Tehelka's editor Tarun Tejpal, movie star Aamir Khan said here today that he was shocked that Tejpal could indulge in such a thing.


"I am very disappointed with what happened in this case. I know Tarun and I am really upset about how he seems to have behaved. It is very tragic. At this point, my thoughts are with the girl for what she is going through. I think all of us should be supportive of her and what she is going through," Aamir said.


"What a girl has to go through, not only in this case, but in any case, where there is harassment to girls, like sexual harassment or even rape. It is something that is extremely traumatic for a person to go through all this. I will always be on the side of the girl. There is no question in mind about it," he said.


Aamir said that society must change its attitude towards women and authorities from policemen to judiciary must do their duty.


"Whenever sexual harassment or rape happens it is not women's fault. Those who have done it must feel guilty and not the victim. Society must change its views about women whenever such incidents happen and not blame or question women, like what she was wearing, or why the girl went to that place. Society must change its mindset," he said.


"Those who blame cinema (for this) the important thing for us (cinema) is to entertain people. The main purpose of policemen is to protect society, people and maintain law and order. The primary responsibility of judiciary is to impart justice," he said.


The actor said that cinema should not be blamed for such acts happening in society, adding that he found it surprising, because if complaints never get registered, how could cinema be blamed for it.