Will quit India if this happens again Haasan

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Updated: 31 Jan 2013 08:44 AM

Actor-director Kamal Haasan warned Thursday that he would "seriously
leave" India if similar protests again envelop his films.

versatile actor, who threatened Wednesday to quit India over the
opposition to his Tamil-Telugu movie "Vishwaroopam", said that he wanted

"In anger and in an emotional outburst I had said I will
leave the country," he told the media. "But if this happens again, I will
seriously leave. It is not that I will leave this fame and glory. I enjoy

"I was angry (when I spoke earlier) and I am still angry,"
he added.

But Kamal Haasan thanked Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J.
Jayalalithaa after she said she was doing her best to resolve the impasse
over the movie, which has run into protests from Muslim groups.

said he was overwhelmed by the support he got all over the country -- from
fans, the media and the film industry.

"I get carried away when I
talk about my fans. I really don't know what I did to deserve this love
from my fans. I am touched.

"If I say I am grateful and
overwhelmed, then it's an understatement. I am here to thank everyone
including the media for all the support I got," Kamal Haasan said.

added: "I want to thank the film fraternity who stood by me... Amitabh
Bachchan, Salman Khan, Mahesh Bhatt, Javed (Akhtar), Aamir Khan."

actor said the delay in the release of his Tamil-Telugu film, which has
been banned for 15 days in Tamil Nadu, had led to a loss of Rs.30-60

Referring to his film's distributor, he said: "But
Jeetendra, who is supporting me, said whatever has happened, (take it) as
a lottery..."

Kamal Haasan has begun work on "Vishwaroopam 2".