How to make use of RSS News Feeds?

If you are on the lookout for the most popular stories and latest updates on ABP LIVE then get it delivered to your desktop or mobile through our RSS Feeds. Here is the list of your favourite topics:-

Section Name RSS Feed
Home https://www.abplive.in/home/feed
India News https://www.abplive.in/india-news/feed
World News https://www.abplive.in/world-news/feed
Sports https://www.abplive.in/sports/feed
Television https://www.abplive.in/television/feed
Business https://www.abplive.in/bussiness/feed
Gadgets https://www.abplive.in/gadgets/feed
Life Style https://www.abplive.in/lifestyle/feed
Viral Sach https://www.abplive.in/viral-sach/feed
Health https://www.abplive.in/health/feed
Uttar Pradesh https://www.abplive.in/uttar-pradesh/feed
Auto https://www.abplive.in/auto/feed
Movies https://www.abplive.in/movies/feed
Videos https://www.abplive.in/videos/feed