Buckingham Palace hosts first football match

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Updated: 08 Oct 2013 12:04 AM

London: Buckingham
Palace held its first official football match to mark FA's 150th
anniversary Monday when Prince William also paid tribute to the 150
selected volunteers that help deliver and support the country's favourite
game, Xinhua reported.

match is an official Southern Amateur League fixture, which was played
between Civil Service FC, the sole surviving one of the eleven clubs that
met to found The FA in 1863, and Polytechnic FC, which was formed in 1875.

special permission from Buckingham Palace for the game to take place,
Wembley groundsman Tony Stones worked with the Royal Household gardeners
to create the pitch for the unique grassroots match, which was in charge
of by Premier League referee Howard Webb.

cannot tell you how excited I am that later today we will be playing
football on my grandmother's lawn," said Prince William before the

William, President of The Football Association (FA), also showed his
humour by adding that: "One warning, though: if anyone breaks a window,
you can answer to her."

to the match, the medal ceremony was held as a way of honouring the
volunteers' work in football on a weekly basis.

to the FA, the nationwide network of grassroots heroes totals more than
400,000 individuals, including everyone from the players' parents,
coaches, referees and administrators that help provide the opportunity for
people to enjoy football.

his speech, Prince William said: " Grassroots football thrives on the
support of its volunteers week after week. You and your colleagues are the
original games-makers, and we are all in your debt for it.

change lives, you give people meaning, enjoyment, perspective, a release,
an outlet; you bring people together and inject fun, laughter, passion,
goals and challenges into others' lives. It is people like you who make
our country what it is. "