Srinivasan gives away World Cup trophy, Kamal ‘sidelined’

By: admin
Updated: 29 Mar 2015 08:26 AM
New Delhi: The International Cricket Council (ICC) chairman N Srinivasan breached the global body’s constitution on Sunday as he gave away the World Cup trophy to Australia.


According to the rules of ICC, the president Mustafa Kamal should have done the honours, but unhappy with the Bangladesh official's outrage following India’s quarter-final victory, Srinivasan decided to go ahead with the ceremony.


The ICC constitution clearly states that the president will present trophies at global competitions, and according to sources, things changed on Saturday after an informal ICC meeting on Saturday. Sources indicated that Kamal was ‘insulted’ twice during the meeting and questions were also raised over his ability as the ICC president. Kamal (who is Bangladesh's minister for planning)’s ‘conduct’ came up for discussion too.


The ICC president had flak after he told ABP News that the umpiring decisions went in India’s favour during the quarter-finals match and that move was deliberate. But that didn’t go down well with the ICC bosses, and now they decided to usurp Kamal’s position by asking him to stay away from the award ceremony.