BIGG BOSS 11: A day before FINALE Hina Khan breaks down again

Bigg Boss house has been converted to Vikas City where the Vikas Gupta dictates and others have to comply.

BIGG BOSS 11: A day before FINALE Hina Khan breaks down again
Hina Khan breaks down on the last day of the season. / Image: Twitter (@ColorsTV)
By: ABP News Web Desk
Updated: 12 Jan 2018 05:55 PM
New Delhi: Even as Colors TV reality show Bigg Boss 11 is one step far from its finale, drama has not left its portals. Celebrity contestant Hina Khan , who has made records of shedding tears on the show, once again breaks down when just one day is left before finale.

The reason behind her tears this time is the 'mastermind' of the show Vikas Gupta.

Vikas Gupta who has been made the dictator, is being very sweet to Shilpa Shinde but on the other hand is being very mean with Hina Khan.

While he asks Shilpa to do light tasks such as to wear a Saree, feed him food, walk behind him to feed him a papaya and get into the pool, on the other hand he asks Hina to remain shut, waste the coffee that she had preserved for her mother and father.

Hina gets mighty upset as Vikas is destroying things she is emotionally attached to.

Vikas then asks her to destroy his bracelet. Hina though unwilling at first, does the task eventually.

Later on Vikas brings a picture of his mother and asks Hina to step on it and tear it apart. Hina appears shocked at this. She understands Vikas' game-plan and says that it is his trick for portraying her negative in front of the audience. Vikas and Hina have a big argument and Hina seems reluctant initially , but later on thinking about the substantial deduction from prize money task she does it. After she tears Vikas' mother's photo Vikas calls her a bad woman.

Fed up with Vikas' tyranny, Hina sits in a corner . She breaks down in tears and says that even at the end of the show, the housemates are making her cry.

We told you how Vikas is running the house according to his whims after he has been made the dictator by Bigg Boss. The house has turned to Vikas City and if the housemates do not wish to follow the commands of Vikas , they can exit the task by pressing the buzzer of their name. However, each time a house mate presses the buzzer rs. 3 lakh will be deducted from the winner's prize money.