BIGG BOSS 11 contestant Priyank Sharma BLOCKED Benafsha Soonawalla on social media?

Benafsha and Priyank's playful banter on Twitter is not liked by many of Priyank's tweeps.

BIGG BOSS 11 contestant Priyank Sharma BLOCKED Benafsha Soonawalla on social media?
By: ABP News Web Desk
Updated: 19 Feb 2018 08:38 PM
New Delhi: The most controversial friendship that bloomed in the house of Bigg Boss 11 was undoubtedly that of Priyank Sharma and Benafsha Soonawalla.

They have been keeping it low ever since they have come out of the house.

However in her recent tweet Benafsha revealed that she and Priyank had a fight. She also revealed that Priyank has blocked her everywhere.

She wrote that : "Ya that's why you shouldn't fight with me see it gives you stress. Now since you've blocked me from everywhere cause you love me so much call me I've no other place to contact you hahahaha @ipriyanksharmaaa".

This sweet cribbing by Ben of-course got Priyank's affectionate side. However Priyank's tweeps seemed mighty upset with the friendship of the two.

Replying to them he wrote: "I will not be appreciating the fact that since none of you know what kind of a girl she is and how close is she to me . Let's say no to wrong judgements and spread peace . #iloveyoumybenu

This sweet banter between Ben and Priyank gave us the Bigg Boss 11 feels.

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While Priyank broke up with his girlfriend from Splitsvilla, Divya Agrawal, in the house of Bigg Boss, Benafsha and Varun broke up rather late.

The proximity of the two Bigg Boss homies is being alleged to be the major reason behind their break-ups. However Benafsha's 'special' friend Varun Sood has recently apologised for being rude and for breaking up with her.

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