Bigg Boss 11: Host Salman Khan entrusts Shilpa Shinde with Katrina's welcome

Salman khan shows the Bigg Boss house to Katrina Kaif in this adorable video.

Bigg Boss 11: Host Salman Khan entrusts Shilpa Shinde with Katrina Kaif’s welcome
Katrina Kaif is the guest for tonight at Bigg Boss house/ Image: Twitter
By: Shubhra Yamini
Updated: 03 Dec 2017 08:04 PM
New Delhi: Alright fans, brace yourself for the most interesting Weekend Ka Vaar  episode. Tonight is undoubtedly going to be the most special episode ever, not only for the fans but also for host Salman Khan. Yes, the guest for tonight is none other than Salman's very special Katrina Kaif.

But do you know, who Salman entrusted with the responsibility of welcoming his dear one? It is celebrity contestant Shilpa Shinde.

Salman first takes Katrina to the secret room from where he keeps an eye on the contestants. He shows around the house to Katrina and then makes a call inside the house. He says he is going to call the most suitable person who will proper care of the guest and activities. The phone is received by Akash Dadlani, who giggles over phone. Salman then asks him to hand over the phone to Shilpa.

Salman is apparently suffering from sore throat and Akash just cannot believe that it is Salman on the other side. As Shilpa talks to Salman , he can be heard saying to others that it is not Salman on the phone.

Anyway, over the phone Salman instructs Shilpa to take care of Katrina Kaif's welcome and he also tells her that the guys in the house have to impress Katrina.

Check this video


Not only this, according to what the teasers suggest, Katrina will have a 'swayamvar' inside the house. It can be seen in the images that dancing and cooking test in on the cards .


It is going to be gut-busting to watch how the inmates will try to impress, err.. Salman's favourite Katrina ?. Stay tuned for more interesting updates.