Bigg Boss 11: Salman Khan jokes about 'pregnant' Akshay talking about his contemporary stars hosting TV shows!

By: Shruti Srivastava
Updated: 01 Oct 2017 08:34 PM
The biggest entertainer Salman Khan is back with 11th season of Bigg Boss and as expected, the superstar is yet again nailing it with his bindaas attitude, his one liners and his famous digs he takes at his contemporaries. We just got glimpse of it in the new promo released by the makers where Salman mentions the names of his big screen rivals who've also proved to be the big TV hosts, Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Akshay Kumar.

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During the launch of Bigg Boss 11 a week ago, when asked if he fears competition with the upcoming shows being hosted by Akshay and SRK, Salman's response was "it's going to be a tough competition...[took a pause! and goes...]..for them! [and bursts into laughter!]".

Akshay has brought 'The Great Indian Laughter Challenge' back from dead after 9 years and the show that premiered this weekend on Saturday with Zakir Khan, Mallika Dua & Hussain Dalal playing mentors, did make a mark with some very promising stand up comedians.

SRK on the other hand is bringing 'TED Talks India - Nayi Soch' around the same time as 'Bigg Boss 11' where celebrities would interact with the superstar.

Seem to be aware of the competition in store for him ahead.. Salman slyly takes a dig at his contemporary stars from the stage of BB 11 Grand Premiere.

Salman says, "you know.. mere kuchh padosi aur friends.. jaise Shahrukh, Aamir, Akshay.. hum sab aapko theatre tak to le aate hain.. lekin ghar ke kone-kone se tv ke saamne baitthane ke liye humko tauba kya-kya nahi karna padta hai..khud ko bechna padta hai. Mai yahan aate rehta hun, Shahrukh bhi aate rehta hai.. Aamir bhi saal-2 saal mei jab unko mind kare... tv par aa jaate hain.. aur.. Akshay to is baar pregnant bhi ho gaye! Dekhe nahi posters har jagah!!! Amazing! Amazing!! Mai bhi almost ho gaya tha 'Sultan' mei"

(it's much easier to get audience at the theatres but getting them infront of their TV sets is a tough task and Gosh! the things we got to do for that.. ! We have to sell ourselves! I keep appearing on TV, SRK keeps on too, Aamir does so in a year or two when he pleases and Akshay! He even got pregnant! Didn't you see the posters put up all over? Its Amazing)

Salman also strikes the famous SRK dance step mimicking him in another shorter promo version. Watch both videos below: 

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The TRP fight between Akshay and Salman has just begun with the premiere of both their shows this weekend itself and SRK is arriving soon too.

The war of the big screen has now shifted to the small one and what the two other superstars have in response of Salman to say, may be in their own shows!, would be another thing to look out for!

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