Bigg Boss 12, Day 46, Episode 47 HIGHLIGHTS: Sapna Chaudhary and Sana Khan to spice up Diwali Mela in the BB house!

Bigg Boss 12, Day 46, Episode 47 HIGHLIGHTS: Sapna Chaudhary and Sana Khan to spice up Diwali Mela in the BB house!
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Updated: 01 Nov 2018 10:13 PM
While last night was all about fights and drama, looks like tonight's episode is just the opposite as Bigg Boss as some interesting surprise for the contestants as Diwali is just around the corner. Bigg Boss arranges Diwali Mela for the housemates and to amp us the festive spirit, even more, two hot ladies join the event. While ex-Bigg Boss contestant Sana Khan is seen gifting the housemates with amazing gifts.

Sana entered the house with some upbeat and fashionable clothes that the housemates had to buy from her(after a lot of bargaining and convincing).

Sapna Chaudhary will leave everyone enthralled with her sexy dance moves. Not just will she sweep them off their feet but they will dance along forgetting all their anger and enmity.

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And from what we see in the promo, it's safe to say that the housemates had a ball of time with Sana and Sapna in tonight's episode, take a look at the sneak-peek below:

Tomorrow's PRECAP: Sreesanth's suggestion of sending Karanvir to the jail sparks a heated argument

#Jasleen tells Surbhi that the captaincy task was fuelled by herd mentality.
#JasleenMatharu is upset due to Surbhi Rana's decision to vote for Sreesanth

#Karanvir tells Dipika he is disappointed with Sreesanth
#SurbhiRana and Romil Choudhary discussing Sreesanth after he becomes the captain
#Sreesanth apologizes to KVBohra and says Rohit Suchanti and Surbhi Rana motivated him to do that!
#Karanvir and Sreesanth hug and resolve all their misunderstandings!
#Srishty requests to both Sreesanth and Karanvir that they should hug out their differences
#Bigg Boss announces that Sreesanth is the new captain
#Deepak announces that Sreesanth received maximum of ten votes so he is the new captain
#Captaincy task ends
#Srishty and Sreesanth have scored chef Zorawar Kalra’s special Astronaut Kulfi and Prawns!
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#Chef Zorawar enters the Bigg Boss Diwali mela
#On clarifying with Sreesanth, Dipika is told by him that she was busy and he didn't want to disturb her.
#Dipika and Sreesanth are trying to sort out their misunderstandings!
#Dipika considers supporting Jasleen.
#Dipika, Karanvir discuss how Sreesanth has not approached them to convince them for their support
#Dipika and KVBohra are disappointed as Sreesanth isn't trying to win this task
#Karanvir and Deepak Thakur leave no chance to tease Romil Choudhary about his reaction for Sapna Choudhary’s performance
#Romil Choudhary seems to be in awe of Sapna Choudhary’s performance
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The housemates have started moving their feet to the beats of ‘Jadoo ki Jhappi’ along with Sapna Choudhary
Watch Sapna's performance below:

#Sapna's dhamakedar performance begins as housemates get crazy on seeing Sapna's dance moves

#Housemates get excited on seeing the poster of Sapna Chaudhary
#Only two tickets worth 20,000 points will be Gold Class. The tickets to sit on the ground and watch the show will cost 1,000 points. It is revealed that the performance is by Sapna Chaudhary.
#A performance will be held in activity area, the tickets to which can be bought by Sreesanth.

#Karanvir Bohra reads the letter for the second part of captaincy task

#Romil Chaudhary says he is on Jasleen's side for the captaincy task

#These outfits can be bought with the points that Jasleen has. Jasleen tries to sway Surbhi in her favour, who disagrees.
#Sana Khan comes to the Bigg Boss house with designer outfits
#Sana Khan in the garden area for the captaincy task

#The person whose badges are worn by most of the people will become the captain.
#When the task begins, the contestants have to wear Jasleen or Sreesanth badge each to show support for them.

#Deepak, Surbhi giving some words of wisdom to Sreesanth as in how he should play in the captaincy task
#Karanvir Bohra reading the letter in front of the other housemates about the next captaincy task

#Time for the next captaincy task

#Romil and Deepak steals appy fizz from the fridge with the help of a towel
#Jasleen and Sreesanth are made captaincy contenders by the winning team of yesterday's rangoli task
#Sreesanth justifies that he has never received the opportunity to run for the captain and Shivashish Mishra agrees with it
#Dipika tries to defend herself by saying that she asked Sreesanth about the captaincy ki daavedaari!

#JasleenMatharu says she also wants to run for the position of captain!
#BB Gaon ki rangoli task winning team are discussing the name of captaincy contenders
#Housemates discusses whom they want to see as the captaincy contenders

#Romil Choudhary and Megha Dhade are having a discussion regarding captaincy contenders
#Surbhi teases Deepak by taking Somi's name

#Housemates wake up peppy number 'kyu paisa paisa karti hai'

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