Bigg Boss 12 Day 78 Highlights: New luxury budget task; contestants get mad at Sreesanth & a lot more!

Bigg Boss 12 Day 78 Highlights: New luxury budget task; contestants get mad at Sreesanth & a lot more!
By: Aakash Kumar
Updated: 03 Dec 2018 10:01 PM
India' biggest reality show 'Bigg Boss 12', hosted by superstar Salman Khan, is getting interesting with each passing day. In tonight's episode of 'Bigg Boss', Romil & Dipika will try to convince Sreesanth to say sorry to Surbhi Rana for his 'characterless' comment. Sreesanth says sorry to Surbhi rudely & other housemates get mad at the former cricketer for his attitude. Later, new captaincy task names 'BB School Bus' will be introduces in which the two teams will be seen fighting it out for the luxury budget as well as the captaincy contender-ship.

Check out the Highlights below:

EPISODE ENDS [We'll be back with you tomorrow sharp at 9pm]

-PRECAP: New luxury budget task 'BB School Bus' will be introduced. Housemates will again get violent during the task. Rohit & Sreesanth to indulge in an ugly fight.

-End of the episode

-Bigg Boss announces that last week's five nominated contestants are nominated for this week too.



-Jasleen went & sits beside Romil & Somi isn't liking it. Somi thinhs that Jasleen is imitating her

-Romil, "Iss show ke baad dekhenge dosti...mujhe kisi ki baaton ka farak nahi padta...terko pata hai kiski baaton se padta hai" & walks off

-Somi, "kyunki mai emotionally hurt hui thi..."

-Romil to Somi, "aapne jo kal word torture kiya 'torture' really hurts...mujhe uss word ki umeed nahin thi"

-1:15pm -Rohit & Deepak compliments that Somi is looking beautiful. Surbhi & Rohit teases Deepak. Surbhi, "wow you guys look cute together". Deepak to Rohit, "tum chup raho yaar..."

-Rohit to Sree, "aisa dasunga na.."

-Sreesanth to Rohit, "bete kisi aur se panga le...abhi tu baccha hai"



-Rohit gives flying kiss to Sreesanth, "miss kar raha hai kisi ladki bar flying kiss kyu de raha hai"

-Day 78 (8am) Housemates woke-up on the song 'Sabe Bada Rupaiya' from the film 'Bluffmaster'

-Romil to Somi starts discussing about his 'weak comment' about her during the 'BB Panchayat' task and starts arguing.

-Day 77 (1:15am) Romil to Somi about Rohit-Deepak, "aap yahaa bhi fair sanchalak bannrahe ho". Somi to Romil, "mai ab baat band karna chod dunga kya". Romil, " wo log better hai...tu bohot achi hai...mai bohot bura hu"

-Surbhi about Romil, "apna dogla standard apne pichwaade mei rakhe"

-Megha, "tu bataega mujhe..."

-Rohit to Megha, "aapke din kharab chal rahein hai"

-Romil & Deepak too starts figthing. Deepak to Romil, "dogla hai tu..."

-Romil supports Jasleen & starts fighting with Rohit, "jabnahin acha lag raha nusko...teri behen...teri maa ke saath aisa karega...aaja karle na kya karega tu...respect akr...ladki ki respect kar..."

-Jasleen starts crying on Rohit's joke, "nobody can talk to me after that...I don't liked it...who is he...tu nikalega mujhe..."

-Surbhi about Jasleen-Megha, "jin baaton pe react karna hota hai unpe karti nahin hai"

-Surbhi & Deepak intervenes. Jasleen to Deepak, "meri marzi...mujhe chilaana hai ispe...tu kyu ghus raha hai"

-Jasleen & Megha gets angry. Megha, "apna muh sambhaalo warna thappad padenge....wo kon hota hai evict karane wala...kabse badtameezi kar raha hai...iska khaa rahein hai kya hum...bigg boss ka khaa rahein kon hota hai evict karane wala"

-Rohit jokingly says, "agar humne cheeni churaai to Jasleen aur Megha ji evict ho jaenge"

-Megha about Rohit-Deepak, "bandaron se baat nahin karte...jisko choriyaan karni hai wo khud kitchen chala le..ghar pe kuch dekha nahin hoga kya inhone"

-Argument starts between Rohit & Jasleen-Megha. KVB intervenes & tries to end the argument

-Rohit to Megha, "aap log halwa banate ho bohot"

-Megha to Rohit & Deepak, "aap bohot use kar rahei ho cheeni..."

-Jasleen about Rohit, "baal buddhi hai ye..."

-Somi to Deepak & Ro in front of Jasleen & Megha hit, "ab mere saare rishte naate khatam hote hai aapse aur aapse...aap dono taraf se khelte hai"

-Somi comes in the washroom area. Rohit-Deepak locks themselves in one of the washrooms. Somi to them, "baahar niklo...cheeni churaai hai tumne...mai kitchen team se hu" (The three indulges in a fun banter)

-Deepak & Rohit in luggage area using the stolen food items in the absence of other housemates. Dipika comes inside & saw them using sugar. Rohit & Deepak start laughing after she left

-Surbhi to Sree, "it's okay...ab aap mujhe kuch mat bolna...mai aapko nahin bolungi"

-Surbhi comes inside bedroom. Sree say, "I was sorry"

-KVB to Sree, "kaise bola tune"

-Argument starts between Karanvir & Sreesanth, "i have said sorry in front of everyone"

-Karanvir to Sreesanth, "jo aapne Dipika ke bare mei bola wo mai batau kya"

-Dipika, "she is wrong...par aapne jo bola wo aur zyada galat tha"

-Sreesanth, "she is wrong" (about Surbhi)

-Sreesanth & Dipika indulges into an argument.

-Dipika again tries to make Sreesanth understand that he should say sorry in a nice way as his comment was  wrong

-Housemates get mad at Sreesanth attitude

-KVB for Sreesanth, "That maan has lost all the respect...ya sorry sorry dil se boliye ya mat boliye"

-Sreesanth went to Surbhi & says sorry to her in a rude tone

-Sreesanth gets irritated with Romil & Dipika's suggesttion

-Romil to Sree, "agar wo bura feel akr rahi hai to aap ek bar one on one sorry bol dijiye"

-Sreesanth, "this topic is over yesterday..and i have apologized yesterday"

-Dipika to Sreesanth, "aapne jo bhi bola...aapko ek bar sorry bolna chiye"

-Somi & Romil discuss about Surbhi-Sreesanth's personal comments saying that both are wrong. Somi, "aaj mujhe koi bolega to mai muh tod dungi" (about Sreesanth's comments)

-Surbhi cries after thinking about Sreesanth's comment & Karanvir comes to console her

-Sreesanth, "I said that in the most aggressive way..i accept my mistake"

-Romil & Sreesanth further discusses about the intention between fromer crickerter's 'hotel' comment about Surbhi

-Sreesanth to Romil, "intentional nahin tha...jaisa main hu wo hu...par husse mei nikla"

-Romil to Sreesanth, "jo galat shabd aapse nikle...uske bare mei kya kahoge"

-Dipika to Sreesanth about Surbhi & her group, "ye log bohot kuch bolenge...humein control karna padega..response nahin karna"

-Deepak & Rohit takes out the sugar (which they have stole) from the luggage area for tea in the absence of other housemates

-Megha in kitchen," chai ke liye bhi dusron se bheekh maangni padti hai...nahin milega khaana kisiko...aona khaana banaenge khud khaenge"

-Dipika & Sreesanth talks about Rohit & Deepak stealing food items. Dipika, "hum kya yaha pagal baithe hai"

-Megha about Rohit  & Deepak stealing food iteam, "inke liye personal aati hai ye cheezein"

-Dipika talks to other contestants about stolen food items from the kitchen

(Day 77 continued)


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