Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar Day 69 HIGHLIGHTS: Salman QUESTIONS Dipika-KVB; SCOLDS Deepak-Megha for their bad behavior

Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar Day 69 HIGHLIGHTS: Salman QUESTIONS Dipika-KVB; SCOLDS Deepak-Megha for their bad behavior

Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar Day 69 HIGHLIGHTS: Salman QUESTIONS Dipika-KVB; SCOLDS Deepak-Megha for their bad behavior
By: Team FM
Updated: 24 Nov 2018 10:10 PM
It’s Saturday and time for a blockbuster episode of Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar. Host Salman Khan will be back to grill the contestants for their actions and this time it will be Megha Dhade and Deepak Thakur, who will get schooled for their bad behaviour. The ‘Bharat’ actor will question Karanvir Bohra and Dipika over their growing differences. The two actors once supported each other but now the situation is different.

Seven contestants-Dipika Kakar, Rohit Suchanti, Srishty Rode, Jasleen Mathaur, Karanvir Bohra, Deepak Thakur and Megha Dhade are nominated this week and one of them will leave the BB 12 house.

As another drama-packed episode of Bigg Boss 12 goes on-air, check out the minute by minute LIVE updates of the show.

BB 12 Weekend Ka Vaar LIVE Updates Day 69 Episode 70

#Salam tells the viewers to watch tomorrow's episode and that's the end for today's episode


#Popular Colors Tv stars enter the BB 12 house and they imitate the Bigg Boss 12 contestants

#Megha and Jasleen hug it out, Jasleen says sorry to Megha, who also says she is sorry because she called her dumb and brainless

#''Jasleen you proved that you are brainless''-Megha to Jasleen

#Sreesanth asks Jasleen why she voted for Megha and not Deepak

#Salman Khan announces that the eviction will take place in tomorrow's episode


#Salman now announces that Deepak Thakur, Dipika Kakar and Karanvir Bohra are safe

#Megha has to go to the torture room! Megha Dhade says that she has spondylitis

#Dipika, Megha, Surbhi, Sreesanth vote for Deepak while others vote for Megha

#It's time to decide the guneghar of the week!

#Deepak says sorry to Megha, who also apologizes to him

#Surbhi tells Deepak and Somi to take criticism positively, Somi and Deepak are in tears

#Megha tries to give her explanation and says she didn't know people will irritate to this level

#The caller asks Megha that when she entered the house she said Surbhi abuses a lot but what she is doing now

#It's time for the caller of the week and the call is for Megha Dhade

#Surbhi says that Jasleen creates unnecessary drama and interferes in others matters but Salman says that it is Somi who does this the most

#Salman now talks about Kaalkothri and how Jasleen landed up in jail, he questions Surbhi over sending Jasleen to kaalkothri

#Salman tells Jasleen and Megha that you guys played well but team Blue had no strategy

#Sreesanth is angry after knowing that KVB suggested the idea

#Salman tells the housemates that team Red won the game because of KVB

#Rohit tells Salman that KVB gave him the idea to ditch his team; Rohit says it is Dipika who always says not to trust others and hence he wanted to prove the point to everyone

#Salman asks Rohit when he decided to play for the red team

#Jasleen says that she didn't have any intentions like this

#Salman tells Jasleen that she did use the words for Rohit- ''Let's use him because uska dimag nhi hai''

#Salman asks Jasleen when she came to know Rohit Suchanti would have cheated

#Megha tells Salman that Deepak crossed the line and she is upset that she reacted in such a manner

#Salman grills Megha for her bad behaviour and tells her that she should have stopped and instead act in a dignified manner

#Salman tells Megha that she raised the issue and she used this as an opportunity to grab limelight

#Salman now talks to Megha and says that when she made her entry, the makers thought that she is such a dignified lady but now she is behaving so differently

#Salman asks Deepak to act sensibly and mend his ways, also tells Megha that he will come to her

#Salman reminds Deepak of the word which he used for Megha and why he didn't apologize to her immediately

#Salman now grills Deepak Thakur for his comments in the captaincy task

#Salman tells Somi that she got safe because of charity from Happy Club

#Salman says he didn't see Somi telling others that she wants to go out of the safe zone

#Salman now asks Romil why he always said that Happy Club needs to save Somi

#Salman asks Deepak why Somi didn't move out of the seat

#Salman now talks about the nomination task and how Somi didn't move at all after getting the safe seat

#Salman asks Surbhi on which number is KVB in Dipika's priority, Surbhi says that she is nowhere in the list

#Salman asks Surbhi to now say, Surbhi says that Dipika's stand changes according to the treatment she receives from Sreesanth

#Dipika tells that she knew KVB will save Srishty and not her, so she decided she will save Sreesanth

#Dipika replies that she only wanted to save the person who will save her

#KVB says that he knew way before that Dipika won't save him

#Salman asks KVB if he thought that Dipika will make him safe during the nomination task

#Salman tells the contestants that they have not come on a holiday, reminds them to make the show entertaining and not boring

#Salman meets the contestants through MeTv, tells them they were all excited this week

#Salman shows us what happened between Deepak and Megha

#Salman welcomes the audience to Bigg Boss 12, talks about the Breaking news task, reveals what happened in the task and how Sreesanth revealed about the slap-gate controversy involving him and Harbhajan Singh

#Check out a quick PREVIEW of the episode right here!