Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar Day 77 Highlights: Rohit vs Romil in Sultani Akhada; Eviction twist, another interesting task & a lot more!

Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar Day 77 Highlights: Rohit vs Romil in Sultani Akhada; Eviction twist, another interesting task & a lot more!
By: Aakash Kumar
Updated: 02 Dec 2018 10:10 PM
In last night's (1st December) episode of 'Weekend Ka Vaar', 'Bigg Boss 12' host Salman Khan bashed S. Sreesanth & Surbhi Rana for passing personal comments during their fight. After which, Sreesanth locked himself inside the washroom and cried his heart out. Also, Jasleen Matharu was questioned for her biased sanchalan during 'BB Panchayat' task. In tonight's episode, 'Kedarnath' lead pair Sara Ali Khan & Sushant Singh Rajput will enter the 'Bigg Boss' house to spice things up and will ask the contestants to assign names to each other. Also, one among the five nominated contestants - Jasleen Matharu, Dipika Kakar, Romil Chaudhary, Megha Dhade and Deepak Thakur will get evicted from the 'BB 12' house.

Just like every Sunday episode, two contestants will face-off in the ‘Sultani Akhada’ and this time it will be Romil Choudhary and Rohit Suchanti who have locked horns various times in the last week. It'll be interesting to see who'll emerge as the winner in the final fight.

Check out the Highlights below:

EPISODE ENDS [We'll be back with you tomorrow sharp at 9pm]

PRECAP: Sreesanth says sorry to Surbhi in a rude tone and housemates get into a fight into him. New task to win the deduced prize money back

-End of the episode. Salman bids goodbye to the viewers



-Argument between Deepak & Sreesanth over the same

-Dipika & Romil make Sreesanth understand that he should say sorry to Surbhi Rana for her indecent & personal remarks on her

-Salamn bids goodbye to the contestants. Housemates discuss about the possibilities of a mid-week eviction

-Salman announces that there will be no eviction & this week's nominations will be continued to the next week.



-Salman asks housemates to name one among the nominated contestants who might get evicted. KVB, "jo bhi hoga shocking eviction hoga"

-Salman back to interact with housemates & talks about eviction

-Promotion of upcoming Colors show 'Vish Ya Amrit -Sitara' featuring Adaa Khan in lead role

-Salman disqualifies Romil in the final round & Rohit declared as the winner of the second round as well as Sultani Akhada

-Rohit & Romil's fight left Salman laughing uncontrollably in the 'Sultani Akhada'. Romil wins the next two rounds

-Physical round starts. Rohit wins the first two rounds.

-Majority of the housemates chose Romil & he wins the first round

-Romil about Rohit, "yeh iss ghar ka sabse badtameez insaan hai"

-Verbal round starts with Rohit. Rohit about Romil, "yeh aadmi dogla saabit ho chuka hai"

-Time for Sultani Akhada. Romil & Rohit to fight it out inside Sultani Akhada.

-Somi justifies herself and says that there is nothing like that. Somi to Salman about her patch up with Romil, "wo repeat nahin karenge...aur kiya to dobara mauka nahi milega"

-Time for caller of the week. Call for Somi. Caller - "Humne aapko bolte suna ki aap strong hai...aur aap weak nahin hai...par Romil ne aapko task ke dauran bola ki...jitna acha mai dost hu utna hi acha dushman kya Romil ki chatrachaaya ke bina aap kuch kar nahin paengi"

-Salman to housemates, "jab ye hua tha...there was a static...iske hone ke baad video wapas aaya...aur koi camera ye capture nahin kar paya"

-Karanvir, "maine reflection dekha hai raat mein"

-Salman interacts with housemates and asks about the paranormal activities (Megha's secret task) happening inside the 'Bigg Boss' house

-Deepak to Somi about ROMIL, "bolne ka usko dhang nahin hai...hum jaante hai usko..pach nahin raha ye situation usko"

-Somi tries to talk to Deepak about Romil, "tum dogla-dogla mat bola karo yaar"

-Rohit to Romil, "Sreeke pairon mei gir jaa"

-Romil to Deepak, " tu kisi ki baaton mei aaega to bad-dimag hai tu...urvashi ke sath tu dogla hua...apni team ke sath tu dogla hua..."

-Back to the contestants in the 'Bigg Boss' house, housemates discuss about the task. Argument between Romil & Deepak, Rohit

-Salman bids goodbye to Sara & Sushant after taking a selfie with them

-Salman wishes them all the very best to Sara & Sushant for their film 'Kedarnath'. Thee three of them dance on 'Sweetheart' from the film

-The fun game ends. Sara & Salman ask Sushant to imitate Shah Rukh Khan. Sara & Sushant recreate the famous 'palat' scene from 'DDLJ'

-Salman plays the fun headphone game with Sushant-Sara. Check out a small sneak-peak below:

-Salman with Sara-Sushant on stage, asks Saif-Amrita's daughter about her experience in the 'Bigg Boss' house. She's super-happy

-The task ends, Sushant & Sara bid goodbye to the show by dancing on the song 'Sweetheart' from their film 'Kedarnath'

-Deepak, Rohit, Somi & Deepak attack Romil with water balloons

-Sara asks contestants to name the most 'ehsaan faraamosh' contestant. Dipika takes Surbhi's name, Romil takes Deepak's name. Majority chose Romil Choudhary.

-Nxet question, who is the most insecure contestant in the 'Bigg Boss' house. Majority of the housemates take Jasleen's name

-Next question, 'kismei abs hai'. Housemates chose Deepak after which housemates attacked him with water balloonns

-Dipika tied up on the wheel & housemates attacks her with water balloons

-With majority, Dipika chose as the most useless contestant

-Sara asked to name the most useless contestant. Somi takes Megha's names, Dipika takes Somi's name, Jasleen took Rohit's names, KVB, Deepak, Rohit & Surbhi take Dipika's name, Sreesanth takes Surbhi's name, Romil takes Surbhi's name too

-Sara and Sushant asked the contestants to assign names to the given adjectives. The contestants with the maximum vote would need to be tied-up on the wheel that will be rotated and the other housemates would get a chance to throw water balloons at them

-Sara-Sushant introduces a task to spice things up and brought a wheel of change along with them

-Sara & Sushant enter 'Bigg Boss' house for a task with contestants

-The game ends

-Next picture is of Saif & Salman Khan. Sara again choses her father Saif Ali Khan over Salman Khan

-Sara choses her father Saif Ali Khan between him & Varun and said, "mai apne papa ko chunungi"

-Sara choses her 'Simmba' co-star Ranveer Singh between him & Varun Dhawan. Later, she changed her decision & chose Varun

-Sara again chose Varun between him & Tiger and says, "Varun Mere brother jaise nahin hai"

-Sara chose Varun between him & Sidharth

-Salman starts a game with Sushant & Sara. Check out the video below:

-Sara & Sushant are excited for the upcoming film 'Kedarnath' and request viewers to watch the film next week

-Salman interacts with Sara & Sushant and talked about his debut film 'Biwi Ho Toh Aisi'

-Salman welcomes 'Kedarnath' lead pair Sushant Singh Rajput & Sara Ali Khan on stage and introduces them to the viewers

-Salman reminds that one of the five nominated contestants will get evicted from the show tonight

-Host Salman Khan enters the stage and welcomes the viewers to another episode of 'Weekend Ka Vaar'


-Stay tuned

-Just about 2 minutes to go for the new drama-filled episode to begin!

We'll be with you sharp at 9pm, meanwhile check out what's in store for you..below!

Here's the sneak peak: