Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar PREVIEW Day 76: New friends and old enemies - the fight gets tougher!

Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar PREVIEW Day 76: New friends and old enemies - the fight gets tougher!

Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar PREVIEW Day 76: New friends and old enemies - the fight gets tougher!
By: Team FM
Updated: 01 Dec 2018 01:25 PM
Competition brings out the best in people, but sometimes even the worst sees light in an effort to fight it. Having lived together for more than 11 weeks, the contestants have managed to get a good grip on each person and their habits - good and bad . Weekend Ka Vaar seems to become more intense in its balance few weeks, with behaviours changing towards housemates, to new blooming friendships it’s all boiling down to the final weeks of survival.

Two discontinued tasks and a lot of grievances has messed up everyone's state of mind. Salman Khan felt the compelling need to question the contestants as to why two tasks simultaneously had to be scrapped and was upset that they couldn't mutually come to any agreement putting every task at stake.

The most feared Kathgera got extremely troublesome with Jasleen having to justify why she was a biased sanchalak and her reasoning didn't go down well with the contestants. Salman Khan on the other hand, praised Somi for her righteousness and commended her as she handled the task well. Surbhi accused Sree Santh of being disrespectful and eventually a huge revelation shook the foundation of respect, when it was learnt that Sree Santh passed unwarranted comments on Surbhi's character. A huge blow -out resulted in Sree Santh breaking down. Salman Khan was upset that other women present also didn't take up for Surbhi's character being dishonoured. Salman Khan strictly stated that drawing the line when it comes to winning has been blurred and will not be tolerated in the house. Playing by the rules is important, playing respectfully is a necessity.

To lighten the atmosphere, Salman Khan  tried to scare the contestants by telling them stories of paranormal activities that have happened in the past seasons too. The contestants had a sudden worried look on their faces and felt a shiver down their spines. Also, to the fear of the housemates, Megha was given a secret task to perform - one that spelt 'Tantra'. She needed to put a lemon with vermilion and pins in the kitchen as well as outside the bathroom to scare the contestants and make them feel a presence in the house that would be questioned. They wondered how and where did it come from, the significance of the set situation and what evil is to come.  It was still not revealed to them that it was Megha. Later Juhi Parmar (Sumati Khanna) and Sargun Kaur (Niyati Khanna) met Salman Khan and spoke about their upcoming show Tantra and how such elements are used to cast a negative spell.

With the situation intensifying,Salman’s reprimanding and the elimination panic alarming Megha, Jasleen, Romil, Deepak and Dipika, who will make their way out of the Bigg Boss house?