'Bigg Boss 13': "Devo Ko Nikaalo" -Enraged Fans After Devoleena Bhattacharjee Slaps Shehnaaz Gill During 'Saanp-Seedhi' Task Inside BB 13 House

The Wednesday episode of Bigg Boss 13 brings a new task of snake and ladder when the nominated contestants have one last chance to save them from exiting the house this week

'Bigg Boss 13': Devoleena slaps Shehnaaz during 'Saanp-Seedhi' task , enrages fans!
Updated: 23 Oct 2019 06:59 PM
Mumbai: In a leaked clip of the controversial reality show "Bigg Boss 13" Devoleena Bhattacharjee reportedly slaps Shehnaaz Gill during a task. This has got social media users enraged, with many demanding the makers of the show to "throw Devo out". The promo shows several contestants participating in the Snakes and Ladders task. They are seen making ladders in order to win the game. According to the rules, the housemates are also free to destroy others ladders, which results in ballistic fights. TV actor Sidharth Shukla is seen putting all his strength trying to overturn the wooden ladders being made by other contestants.

In between all the chaos, Devoleena and Shehnaaz are seen getting into a physical catfight. Devoleena misses hitting Shehnaaz on a few attempts but eventually slaps her.

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This did not go down well with some fans.

An angry user wrote: "#super_angry Evict this duckin b***h dumbolina, stay true to your rules and do it! We ain't here to see good people get slapped for drama
Just evict her little gremlin lookin @$$ already just do it!"

Another commented: "Plz bigg Boss devo Ko nikalo (Bigg Boss, please evict Devoleena)."

A user said that Shahnaz should have hot Devoleena in return.

"Shahanaz ko bhi ?? maarna chaiey tha dumbolina ko."

A netizan said: "Debolina pagal ho gai hai task hai to task ki tara khel shehnz ko q mar rahi hai."