Bigg Boss 13: "Salman Sir Ki Zyada Chid-Chid..." -Upset Paras Chhabra Challenges Salman Khan Throw Him Out Of BB 13 House, Fans Lash Out!

Paras Chhabra was spotted talking to Mahira Sharma about show's host Salman Khan inside BB 13 house in the latest episode and here are the reactions of Bhaijaan-fans over it!

Bigg Boss 13:
By: Filmymonkey Team
Updated: 22 Oct 2019 08:23 PM
The latest Weekend Ka Vaar episode which aired on Monday this week, had it's share of regular fights, fun-filled tasks and host Salman Khan's lashings. Abu Malik got eliminated from the house with yet another twist to double eviction when Salman announced there will indeed by only one person bidding goodbye to the show. The girls were asked to vote against one person out Siddharth Dey-Abu Malik and they chose they saved the writer. And finally when the high on masala episode was getting over, Paras Chhabra and Mahira Sharma were seen sitting together discussing the day long events. Paras was irked with the 'caller of the week' who had asked him question why he is playing the game by getting behind women. Paras called him names even going to abuse him which Mahira objected to too.

Paras then said that he was also upset with the host Salman Khan and has a problem with his behaviour during 'Weekend Ka Vaar'.

Paras said to Mahira: "aur abhi pataa hai kya hai, mujhe seriously lag raha hai ki Salman Sir ka na kuchh zyada his chid-chid chid-chid chal raha hai abhi.. Nahi, seriously mujhe ye cheez bilkul pasand nahi hai. Mai mujhe pataa hai mai jab achha kar raha hun toh achha kar raha hun.. don't push me down na.. itni problem ho rahi hai toh mujhe show se baahar nikaal do.. I don't give a f--- then!"

He used the F-word talking about Salman Khan and this surely is not going to go down well with the superstar host.

Watch the video below: 

But before Salman reacts to this next weekend, the Bhaijaan-fans are holding the fort for him currently.

It is usual for some of the BB 13 contestants getting trended right after the telecast of each episode and this time it was Paras Chhabra and the social media users are bashing him badly for his comments on Salman Khan.

One fan wrote- "Retweet if you think Paras should be ruled out of the game. He doesn't have any manners and keeps on shouting shit about others. Moreover instead of taking the caller of the week seriously he is abusing him badly and also "Salman sir ki chid chid" statement."

Another wrote- "Jigar Wala hota to samne bolta na Salman ke ..unke jaane ke baad kyo bola ..aur Paras pure big boss ka sabse badtameez admi hai jisne #CallerOfTheWeek aur pure audience ko gali di".

And when a user praised Paras' guts for taking on Salman, a fan wrote back- "Guts Woh Bhi #ParasChabbra Ke Pas Ye Toh #SidharthShukla Se Itna Darta Hai. Just Imagine Jab Salman Bhai Ko Ye Malum Padenga Toh Paras Ka Kya Hoga Paras Ko Koi Batao Ye Splitsvilla Nhi Hai".

And another one- "Look how paras is insulting Caller of the week and the host Salman khan. He doesn't have the guts to talk face to face. So arrogant and yet a coward. #ParasChhabra". 

This is not the first time, in the past too, some contestants in the previous seasons of Bigg Boss have raised their voice against Salman Khan which include Sapna Bhavnani, Imam Siddique, Kushal Tandon, Gauahar Khan, Priyanka Jagga.

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Some had arguments and went on to stay in the house while the others had to leave like Priyanka Jagga in 'Bigg Boss 10'.

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