CONGRATULATIONS! ‘Pyaar Ka Dard Hai’ actor Alekh Sangal gets ENGAGED

Another popular Star Plus actor got engaged.

CONGRATULATIONS! ‘Pyaar Ka Dard Hai’ actor Alekh Sangal gets ENGAGED
TV actor Alekh Sangal with fiancee Naazneen
By: ABP News Web Desk
Updated: 19 Jan 2018 06:07 PM
New Delhi: After Danish Akhtar and Karam Rajpal, another TV actor is all set to start a new life.

Star Plus show ‘Pyaar Ka Dard Hai..Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara’ actor Alekh Sangal has got engaged to his girlfriend Naazneen Dharamsey. Couple met a year ago through common friends and fell in love.

According news in an entertainment portal, Alekh and Naazneen got engaged on 18th January and it was a hush-hush affair. Only family and close friends were present at the ceremony.

Talking to the portal, Alekh said, “It is a beautiful feeling of falling in love and making that person your life partner. It was supposed to be a roka ceremony, which eventually turned out to be an engagement. It was Nazneen’s birthday yesterday, so I was a gift for her (smiles). The occasion got more exciting by having my close friends Nakuul (Mehta), Drashti (Dhami), Kashmira (Irani) and Ruslaan (Mumtaz).”

Revealing his Wedding plan, Alekh said, “The wedding will take place by the end of this Year.”

Check out this picture of Alekh and Naazneen:

That's you birthday girl, with 3 of your most favourite boys (hopefully), but for all its worth, you Smilums are definitely 1 of our (and I speak for the trio) favourites. We have always admired you for the love and care which you exude, the sense of wonder you possess, the will to charter newer paths which you exhibit, the drive and grind you put yourself through (physically and mentally), even the parts we probably don't understand or haven't been able to delve into... If they bring out all these lovely aspects of you... I'm sure they are all worth it. We wish you more love (all around), more power (within), more grace (for them dancing feet), more vibrancy, vitality and verve (body and soul), to make your constant journey of self discovery and self exploration, smoother throughout the year coming up. Keep shining, sparkling and Smiling... And you know we'll always be there to shine, sparkle and Smile with you. Love, luck and lots of Smileys to you!

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Addy Buoy... The one, the only... So many years turning into a decade now... So many evenings turning into nights and then into mornings... So much spoken, so much shared, so much witnessed, so much experienced and so much felt. The dark and the light, the shade and the glow, the insane and the sound, the crude and the refined, the noise and the music... Always a rollercoaster of opposites every time we jam together... But always a heartfelt connection and an honest exchange... Every single time. That's what I probably love the most about you, (apart from you being the closest "Star Kid" friend I have and that Babylonian house of yours), that certain quality of undiluted honesty and absolute belief in your dreams and your abilities. And through all the thick and thin you've been through over the years, through all your whirlwind escapades, I might not always agree or adhere to your thoughts and actions, but your resolve and determination are something I always value and somehow always empathize with. Guess that's what keeps us solid and always coming back for more. So love you brother... You go on and welcome this year with arms wide open, a fire in your belly, a spark in your eyes, a song on your lips and rhythm in your soul! Let your Heart never seem Less... Let the Raaz of your finer talents be out there in the world, let life be a Jashn of epic proportions and if you ever have to Saareya Nu Chadiya, then may it be, only to find your inner and deeper self. Cheers Addy... To many more encounters of the briefcase kind!

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A big cruise, a little sun and a few seagulls... Life sure has its moments!!!

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Congratulations to Alekh and Naazneen!