Deepika Singh takes trolls head-on over a video of applying lipstick to her niece

Deepika Singh takes trolls head-on over a video of applying lipstick to her niece
By: Shruti Srivastava
Updated: 04 Jun 2018 08:07 PM
Popularly known as 'IPS Sandhya Rathi' from Star Plus hit show 'DABH' and the mommy of 1 yr old boy Soham, actress Deepika Singh Goyal had posted a cute video this Sunday in which she is seen putting lipstick on the lips of her baby niece named Yoshika.

Yoshik is the daughter of Deepika's brother-in-law Deepak Goyal who's the younger brother of her husband Rohit Raj Goyal and the Taiji was having a fun moment with her little niece enjoying their Sunday.

Deepika can be seen trying to feed food to Yoshika and in order to succeed she attempts to divert the little princess with a lipstick in her hand. Baby seemed to be more interesting in 'eating' the lipstick and actress's every attempt to put a morsel in her mouth failed attempt after attempt.

Deepika wrote in the caption - "Girls loves lipstick more than their food. Yoshika is proving this 😜 . #yoshika #babygirl @deepak86509#lipstick #eating #fun #videocredit@anamika.aashi11 💁🏻"

Deepika is adorably seen asking the little one "lipstick laga dun..lipstick laga dun..?[and the kiddo readily agrees but soon after]..achha khana khila dun..thoda si roti kha lo!.. [Yoshika turns away from the morsel held in Deepika's hand]"

Soon after, the fans who love to stay updated with her day-to-day posts, were melting watching the duo playing around but there were also many who found a problem in Deepika's actions.

Trolls were at work and they posted comments questioning her why she was applying (or teaching how to) lipstick on the little toddler.

When the trolling continued for a while, Yoshika's aunt entered the comments section and took upon herself to reply many of them personally.

She defended herself first by mentioning that it was indeed an organic lipstick. Now the price of the an organic lipstick also came into light and instead of calming trolls down, it give the video another unimaginable twist. In one of her initial reactions responses she wrote  - "I was giving idea of organic lipstick range. It doesn’t mean that I’m giving her lipstick instead of food. Also don’t compare money with my kids safety. I didn’t gave the idea of organic range in that context."

Also a troll called her "an idiot" which infuriated the actress.

@its_me_ajeesh: "Idiot of millennium . Lipsticks never be applied under 10 years old . And very dangerous in case of babies. They may lick and swallow. Another reaction would be allergy in lips"

Deepika: "mind your language. First discover peace in your life. Never judge ppl by seeing them in just 33 seconds. You’re single & I’m a mother & how much I take care of my kids , I needn’t to tell you. Don’t dare to mess with me regarding the safety of my kids."

However spotting another actress Sana Amin Sheikh's comment under Deepika's video validates there wasn't anything wrong with the video, particularly after the actress clarified it was organic lipstick.

Sana had posted "True" in reaction to Deepika's video-caption, to which Deepika relied with a smiley.

And here are the other comments and Deepika's reactions under her video post: 

Deepika Singh aka 'Sandhya Rathi' explains to trolls that the lipstick she was applying to her niece Yoshika was organic after she was slammed for applying to the little one

Recently Bollywood star Kareena Kapoor Khan was trolled when Taimur Ali Khan was spotted slipping and falling on the floor while they were at his new playschool and which had started fan-war on social media with many defending the actress saying "babies do fall" while others called her a "bad mother"[Taimur Ali Khan falls while Kareena holding his hand; VIRAL VIDEO becomes fodder for trolls!].

Superstar Aamir Khan was trolled for posting a picture playing with his daughter Ira Khan while on a family outing during his cousin brother and filmmaker Mansoor Khan's 60th Birthday celebration in Coonoor. In a garden there, Ira was seen sitting on her father Aamir that looked purely like cute 'dangal' happening between father and daughter. But trolls flooded comments section with utterly nasty reactions to the picture[Aamir Khan trolled for his picture of daughter Ira Khan sitting on him in Coonoor].

And now a Mom is being taught how not to make a little girl 'eat' lipstick. Really? Which sensible/responsible person would do that!

What do you have to say to the trolls in these cases?