Jay Bhanushali & Mahhi Vij Share Adorable Pics With NEWBORN Daughter Tara & They Will Make You Say AWW

Jay Bhanushali & Mahhi Vij shared pictures with their newborn daughter along with heartfelt captions.

Jay Bhanushali Mahhi Vij Share PIC With NEWBORN Daughter Tara Bhanushali
By: Filmymonkey Team
Updated: 28 Sep 2019 09:28 PM
New Delhi: Popular TV couple Jay Bhanushali and Mahhi Vij became parents to baby girl last month. Mahhi gave birth to their first biological child on August 21 in Mumbai. The couple, who has also adopted their caretaker’s children, is on cloud nine after the arrival of their daughter. Jay and Mahhi often shared updates related to their child on social media.

The two lovebirds recently revealed the name of their daughter-Tara Bhanushali. Mahhi shared an adorable video along with the caption, ‘’ "We are blessed beyond measure to announce the name of our sweet and lovely little angel  TARA JAY BHANUSHALI.Never in our lives have our hearts felt this incredible amount of joy. #mybaby #newmothers  @ijaybhanushali @tiktok @tiktokindia #baby #name #love thank you to my insta family.’’

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Jay Bhanushali shared an adorable photo with his daughter Tara on social media. The actor can be seen kissing his child in the picture. The caption for the post will definitely melt your hearts.

‘’Reason for all my smile and happiness..there is no comparison the kind of calmness you get early morning kissing your child. #babylove #babygirl #girl #newborn #fatheranddaughter #father #love #lovemydaughter @tarajaybhanushali #tarajaybhanushali,’’ Jay wrote.

‘’Life❤️ photo credits please,’’ Mahhi commented on the photo. Jay replied back by writing, ‘’ @mahhivij that's understood who will be in our room except you.’’

Their cute banter will make you say aww.

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Mahhi also shared a photo with her newborn daughter along with a heartfelt caption.

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कैसे मुझे तुम मिल गयी किस्मत पे आयी ना यकीं उतर आई झील में जैसे चाँद उतरता है कभी हौले हौले, धीरे से गुनगुनी धूप की तरह से तरन्नुम में तुम छूके मुझे गुज़री हो यूँ देखु तुम्हें या मैं सुनू तुम हो सुकून, तुम हो जुनून क्यों पहले ना आयी तुम कैसे मुझे तुम मिल गयी किस्मत पे आये ना यकीन मैं तो यह सोचता था के आजकल उपरवाले को फ़ुर्सत नहीं फिर भी तुम्हे बनाके वो मेरी नज़र में चढ़ गया रुतबे में वो और बढ़ गया बदले रास्ते झरने और नदी बदले दीप की टीमटीम छेड़े ज़िंदगी धुन कोई नयी बदली बरखा की रिमझिम बदलेंगी ऋतुयें अदा पर मैं रहूंगी सदा उसी तरह तेरी बाँहों में बाहें डाल के हर लम्हा, हर पल जिंदगी सितार हो गई रिमझिम मल्हार हो गई मुझे आता नहीं किस्मत पे अपनी यकीं कैसे मुझको मिल गयी तुम #tarajaybhanushali @tarajaybhanushali @ijaybhanushali

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Jay commented on the photo, ‘’ The best mom anyone can get..caring,concern and loving mom hope she learns a lot from you.’’ Mahhi replied back by writing, ‘’ @ijaybhanushali thank you I m best wife also.’’

Isn’t their conversation cute?

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On the professional front, Jay Bhanushali is currently seen hosting popular singing reality show 'Superstar Singer'.

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