MTV Ace of Space 2: What Made Krissann Barretto UPSET In The House?

A strange incident left Krissann Barretto upset in 'Ace of Space 2' house. Read on to know!

MTV Ace of Space 2: A strange incident left Krissann Barretto upset in the house
By: Filmymonkey Team
Updated: 15 Sep 2019 11:37 PM
New Delhi: MTV Ace of Space 2 is now synonymous with drama, fights and entertainment. This time, an incident on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi has become the topic of discussion in the Mastermind's house. During the Ganpati festivities, the House guests had to perform on dance numbers. Contestants Krissann Barretto and Rashmi Jha were paired together to perform and during their performance, Rashmi tried to kiss Krissann, making the latter quite uncomfortable with this strange behavior. However, this didn't end here! Soon after the performance, Rashmi continued to make Krissann uncomfortable with her behavior in the room.

Not only did it go down well with Krissann, it made Mastermind Vikas Gupta lose his cool. What also caught Vikas’ attention was that no house guests addressed this issue or spoke about it. He ultimately decided to take it upon him to give a piece of his mind to the contestants. He said during the episode, “You guys aren’t even realising how important it is, it’s not funny. You have your choices, you can speak the way you want to speak, you can act the way you want to act lekin koi aur insaan aapki wajah se uncomfortable horaha hai aur aapko woh funny lag raha hai. This is not acceptable.”

What led Rashmi to behave this way? Is she to be completely blamed? Is there a strange equation brewing between the two? This incident has led to a series of speculations and questions for the viewers!

It remains to be seen if Vikas Gupta will take a strong action against this or not.

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