Rahul Mahajan's ex-wife Dimpy Ganguly's SHOCKING reaction on his THIRD marriage!

By: Team FM
Updated: 24 Nov 2018 04:05 PM
Former Bigg Boss contestant Rahul Mahajan took internet by storm when his secret wedding pics surfaced on internet. 43-year-old Rahul got married to 25-year-old Kazakhstan model Natalya Ilina who  18 years younger to him, on Tuesday, November 20 in a private ceremony.

This is Rahul's third marriage, he was earlier married to pilot Shweta Singh(who is also his childhood friend) and later to reality TV star Dimpy Ganguly.

Rahul with new wife Natalya Ilina post wedding [pic credit: Twitter]Rahul's ex-wife Dimpy, who is now leading happy married life with husband and daughter has reacted to Rahul's wedding. She spoke to SpotBoye.com and wished him well. Dimpy said, "I am glad to know that! And hope he really finds happiness this time around... like I have done. Many Congratulations to the newlyweds."

Rahul Mahajan married Dimpy Ganguly in a reality show in the year 2010 however the two got divorced five years later in 2015

Dimpy Ganguly, who is currently in France, further added that she hopes Natalya isn't subjected to domestic violence."People can change you know. For the sake of both, I really hope all that doesn't happen. It's the worst thing one can do to another," she said.

Dimpy had accused Rahul of kicking, punching and beating her up while they were still married!

On a related note, Rahul Mahajan's both previous weddings ended with accusations of domestic violence. His first wife Shweta was his childhood friend and the two knew each other for 13 years. She had accused him of physically abusing her. The couple got separated in December 2007, and were granted divorce in 2008.

Rahul's ex-wife Dimpy, is now happily married to Dubai based businessman Rohit Roy and the couple has a 2-year-old daughter together!

Rahul Mahajan got married to Dimpy Ganguly on national TV in 2010 on reality show Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jaayega. The couple got divorced four years later on February 25, 2014, after his second wife accused him of kicking, punching and beating her up.