Rita Bhaduri death: Nimki Mukhiya actress Bhumika Gurung shares heartfelt note mourning the death of her onscreen daadi!

Rita Bhaduri death: Nimki Mukhiya actress Bhumika Gurung shares heartfelt note mourning the death of her onscreen daadi!
By: Team Fm
Updated: 17 Jul 2018 11:25 AM
As the entire television industry is mourning the death of the veteran actor Rita Bhaduri who passed away following kidney failure on late Monday night( around 1:30 AM on Tuesday). TV actress Bhumika Gurung who plays the lead role in 'Nimki Mukhiya', Rita's last show mourned her co-star's death with a heartfelt note on social media. Rita Bhaduri played the role of Bhumika's onscreen daadi and was shooting for the show despite being unwell for a long time.

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Expressing her heartfelt condolences, Bhumika shared some candid pics with Rita remembering her, check out her post below:

Fasane bane toh sunegee yeh mehfil Sunegee yeh mehfil badee hogee mushkil Nigaaho ke ham tum nishaane banenge Ke rusawayeeyo ke Ke rusawayeeyo ke bahane banenge Agar saj chheda taraane banenge❤️ This song will always remind me of you Rita Ma’am (My daadi) I still can’t believe you’re gone You promised to get better and come back soon. You had asked me not to worry about you and you were all fine! Never have seen a stronger lady than you...always smiling.Never saying no! Shouting on us for not taking care of ourselves to getting food for us on set to laughing on all of my lame jokes. All of this is just playing on my mind. You were my daadi ❤️ You were and you will always be family ❤️ RIP daadi I love you Aa raha hai dekho koi Ja raha hai dekho koi Sabke dil hain jaage jaage Sabki aankhein khoyi khoyi Khamoshi karti hai baatein Yeh raatein nayi purani Aate, aate jaate kehti hain koi kahani

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Veteran actress Rita Bhaduri, who worked extensively in films and television shows, including the ongoing "Nimki Mukhiya", died on Tuesday, said a source from the hospital where she was admitted for over a week. Rita was at the Sujay Hospital in Vile Parle. She was fighting a weak kidney and was on dialysis.

"She died at around 1.30 a.m. and her family members took her body from the hospital at around 4 a.m.," the source told IANS.

Zama Habib, producer and writer of "Nimki Mukhiya", said that somehow he knew it was going to happen.

"We were at the hospital last night. Her condition was not good. We have cancelled today's shoot due to her demise," Habib told IANS.

In "Nimki Mukhiya", she was seen as a Imarti Devi, the grandmother of the house. "The last time she shot for the show was almost 15 days back. We were waiting for her to recover. Today is her funeral. We will see what can be done," said Habib, who described her as a "gem of a person".

May her soul rest in peace!