'Superstar Singer' captain Salman Ali makes Geeta Kapoor's dream come true on 'Super Dancer' Chapter 3!

'Super Dancer' judge Geeta Kapoor expressed her fondness towards 'Superstar Singer' captain Salman Ali’s brilliant talent.

Super Dancer Chapter 3: 'Superstar Singer' captain Salman Ali makes Geeta Kapoor's dream come true on Sony TV show!
By: Filmymonkey Team
Updated: 30 May 2019 04:53 PM
The upcoming weekend on Sony Entertainment Television’s kids dance reality show 'Super Dancer Chapter 3' is going to an entertaining mix of dance and music. With the presence of Sony’s new kids singing reality show, 'Superstar Singer' Judges - Himesh Reshammiya and Javed Ali along with Captains Sachin Valmiki and Salman Ali graced the show and made the evening electrifying with their soulful voice. 'Superstar Singer' is show that will be one of a kind as the Captains have searched through every length and breadth of the nation and have gathered amazing singing gems for the show.

Geeta Kapoor with 'Super Dancer' co-judges (Photo: Instagram)

Geeta Kapoor expressed her fondness towards Captain Salman Ali’s brilliant talent of singing and requested him to perform the same song ‘Sajda’ that he had performed in his first audition of Indian Idol in his own style. Salman who created magic with his performance left everyone in awe and right after his performance, Anurag Basu could not control and requested Captain Sachin Valmiki to add to the environment which added to the mood and made it more magnetic. Captain Sachin Valmiki came on stage and sang ‘Aayat’ on Dada’s request. The judges along with everyone gave the singers a standing ovation and Anurag Basu shared that he believes Superstar Singer is in great hands with such talented Captains who will be training and guiding the kids on the show.

After both the captains gave their performances and left everyone spell bounded, Geeta instantly stood up from her seat and bowed down to captain Salman Ali. When reached out to Geeta Kapoor, she shared, “Since the day I heard Salman Ali sing, ‘Sajda’ during the auditions of Indian Idol, I wished to hear him live. On Super Dancer my dream came true and Salman Ali gave a beautiful performance. The Captain of Superstar Singer is truly blessed and has a soulful voice. His singing teleports the listeners to another place and one can feel instant relaxation. I wish the team of Superstar Singer all the luck and I am sure the show is going to be a super hit among the viewers.

When we reached out Captain Sachin, he shared, “The kids on Super Dancer Chapter 3 are extremely talented and brave. The kind of performances they prepare and bring to the viewers is nothing less than a dare. I am an ardent follower of the show and love every kid in Super Dancer Chapter 3. While I was on the set with Salman Ali and Judges Himesh Reshammiya and Javed Ali, I got the opportunity to sing for everyone present. The experience was so good and the kind of response I got was really over-whelming. All the Judges of Super Dancer stood from their seats to applaud Salman and me. Anurag Dada really appreciated our performance and said some really kind words for us which gave me a lot of motivation.

As the show is on the verge of its finale, it’s time for the audiences to vote for the potential contestant and help them win the coveted title of, ‘Dance ka Kal’.

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