WATCH: Ex Bigg Boss contestant CRIES HER HEART OUT post SPLIT with husband, one year after their WEDDING!

WATCH: Ex Bigg Boss contestant CRIES HER HEART OUT post SPLIT with husband, one year after their WEDDING!
By: Team FM
Updated: 03 May 2018 12:37 PM
Former Bigg Boss contestant Sofia Hayat who recently split with her husband after she caught him stealing in their own house is probably going through the worst phase of her life!

The model turned nun, Sofia parted ways with hubby Vlad & even kicked him out of her house on learning that he is a serial conman and has been stealing her valuable stuffs(jewellery, watches) from their London house.[Former Bigg Boss hottie Sofia Hayat SPLITS with husband Vlad; LOSES her BABY too!]

On 24th April 2017, Sofia and Vlad got married in a private ceremony in London.

Known for posting super-sizzling pictures with hubby on social media, Sofia has been sharing heart breaking posts since her spilt with hubby.

Sofia & Vlad in happier times (Photo: Instagram)

And now the lady shared an emotional video where she is seen crying her heart out on sharing how exactly she is feeling now after parting ways with husband.

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Sofia writes: Break ups are gotta cry and let it is not easy to lose a child and husband at the same is ok to heart doesn't want any more pain.. I do not hate Vlad..quite the opposite but I have to let go for what he did..

The reality TV star also mentioned that she is ready to forgive him for his bad deeds but will not accept him back as her husband!

I forgive you with so much love. I hope you have learnt that greed and jealousy is the ego is Satan. Greed leads to deceipt and immorality which is the breeding ground for illness and war on our earth. Every act of hate and war on this earth begins with self hate and self destructiveness. Face your true inner self. Choose to be well Choose to be free Choose to be love. I set you free and transcend you to the highest light. May you receive wisdom from this experience and be able to accept pure love. I am sorry ypu were unable to onow true love. May you let go of the karmic energetic ties to all that is not love. I choose to let go of your energy from my space and I retrieve all my energy from yours. Thankyou. It is done and so it is.

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