WATCH: Vivek Dahiya's ADORABLE message is for Divyanka's brother Aishwarya Tripathi?

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Updated: 20 Jul 2016 06:31 PM
Vivek Dahiya left the fans amused with his latest dubsmash of Akshay Kumar's 'Garam Masala' dialogue "saala ka matlab hota hai biwi ka bhai..". Vivek Jeeju enacted the scene in the funniest manner and made his followers believe it that it was directed towards wifey Divyanka's brother and his brother-in-law Aishwarya Tripathi.

[caption id="attachment_71719" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Vivek Dahiya and Divyanka Tripathi with Divyanka's family during their Wedding Reception in Chandigarh (Brother Aishwarya Tripathi, mother Neelam, Vivek, Divyanka, sister Priyanka and father Narendra Tripathi )[/caption]

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Vivek recorded the dubsmash from his TV show 'Kawach... Kaali Shaktiyon Se' sets and looked super funny doing it too... ''sala ka matlab hota he biwi ka bhai... Biwi ka bhai yani ghar ka sadasya... Yani aap humare ghar ke sadasya huye... Hum aapse pyar karte he.. Aur aapko laga hum aapko gali de rahe he''.

Vivek made his dubsmash debut with 'Kawach' co star Mona Singh recently and what made him choose this particular dialogue for his next dubsmash is something we can't figure but the fans are enjoying it.

Some comments by fans on Vivek's dubsmash video:

"Is this directed to ashwarya.???? @vivekdahiya08@divyankatripathidahiya"

"Akki VD❤ lol"

"Oh my god ???????????? cuteness overloaded ❤????"

"Like I said before, you look even more handsome after shaadi????????????"

One thing is certain though, that this dubsmash must've pakka reminded the handsome actor-turned-jeeju of his saale sahab Aishwarya!

Vivek's brother-in-law and Divyanka's younger brother Aishwarya Ttripathi stays in Bhopal with her family. Divyanka has two more sisters Priyanka and Payal with the former already married.

[caption id="attachment_71720" align="alignnone" width="540"] Aishwarya Tripathi, Vivek Dahiya, Divyanka Tripathi and sister Priyanka[/caption]