You need to face Consequences if you TROLL: Nora Fatehi

You need to face Consequences if you TROLL: Nora Fatehi
Updated: 30 Mar 2018 08:26 PM

Mumbai: Model-actress and Ex-Bigg Boss contestant Nora Fatehi feels cyber bullies have been feeling "too safe in the cyber world for too long", and says it is time to take strict action against them.

The actress has been trolled for posting pictures on her social media accounts. She expressed her views on "MTV Troll Police".

"Trolling is a cyber-crime and if you are caught for it, you cannot run away by saying that it is your opinion. Everyday there are people who have extreme self-esteem issues or even worse, commit suicide because of trolls," Nora said in a statement.

She has a message for all those who troll.

Yup! I’ve always wanted to put a stupid troll in his/her place! So I got the chance! Unfortunately this is not scripted. *****I repeat THIS IS NOT SCRIPTED ! these trolls are lured into a trap after being properly investigate with a background check, after being exposed on the show they can chose to walk off but some stay, later on the My are forced to meet with a psychiatrist *** This man has been serial trolling my Instagram for a while now. And he is finally caught. Prashant made fake accounts and constantly virtually sexually harassed me. He is a sick human being with a sick mind, a potential psychopath who needs serious therapy! Wait for it! He blames my profession for his nasty dirty sick mentality. His double standards amaze me... and he’s an aspiring actor ...well say goodbye to that career! It’s sad to see educated people behave like this. His life is ruined now nothing will ever be the same for him... oh well too bad! Don’t miss this episode to see how I put him in his place! 31 March at 7pm @mtvindia #norafatehi #mtvtrollpolice #trollpolice #new #real #tv #show #trolls

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"If you have a point of view, regarding my style of work keep it to yourself. You are not entitled to express your opinion. Having said that, unfortunately your comments are sexual and derogatory remark, which demeans me as a woman and a human being. You need to face the consequence; you need to own up for your act. Trolls and cyber bullies have been feeling too safe in the cyber world for too long," she added.

Nora said that "unfortunately, a lot of people remove their frustration on social media".

"They also feel that the Internet and hiding behind a screen gives them a safe environment and space to show their psychopathic tendencies. What is beyond my understanding is how we are living in a society where a guy has the courage to ask a girl to post her naked pictures so that he can masturbate," added the actress.