In Mumbai, guy books an Uber cab and gets its location in Arabian Sea

Hussain Shaikh wrote "Aslam Bhai submarine se aarele hai"

In Mumbai, guy books an Uber and gets its location in the middle of Arabian Sea
Image: Hussain Shaikh/ Facebook
By: ABP News Bureau
Updated: 21 Feb 2018 08:53 PM
NEW DELHI: We all know that waiting for cabs is a really painful task. We all stare at the driver's location and desperately wait for him/her to arrive at every passing moment. But what if your Ola/Uber is not on land instead the cab you booked is floating on the giant Arabian sea.

Recently, a guy from Mumbai shared a post on Facebook which showed that he had booked an Uber cab ride but to his surprise, the location of the cab it showed was quite shocking. The application showed that the on Arabian Sea.

The guy showed shared a snapshot of the same on Facebook and wrote: "Aslam Bhai submarine se aarele hai".

Fellow Facebook users commented by saying -