Nerd Alert! This Harvard Maths Graduate Correctly Predicted 20 Oscars Winners

Here is how he was able to crack the code of 90th Academy Awards

This Harvard maths graduate correctly predicted 20 Oscars winners
By: Kirti Joshi
Updated: 29 Sep 2018 10:54 PM
NEW DELHI: On Monday, while the world went frenzy over the 90th Academy Awards start to celebrate the best talent and films of the year at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, this 25-year-old graduate from Harvard with a degree in applied math in 2015 successfully predicted the winners of the biggest Oscars categories.

Ben Zauzmer works as a sabermetrician for the Los Angeles Dodgers and his 20 predictions about the Oscars were correct.

As per reports, Zauzmer used his complex mathematical model to calculate a nominee’s percentage chance of winning. He has been doing this for the past seven years and this time, Zauzmer made predictions for 21 of the 24 Oscars categories in total as there was not enough data available to predict the three short film categories mathematically.

After his successful predictions, he wrote -