Explained via Recreation: A soul, a register and 11 mysterious deaths in Burari

08 Jul 2018 02:17 PM

Explained via Recreation: A soul, a register and 11 mysterious deaths in Burari

Updated 08 Jul 2018 02:17 PM

After the collective death of 11 members of a family under mysterious circumstances in Burari, fear has gripped the area and there is an atmosphere of distress among the people in the neighborhood. The police are questioning the relatives, neighbors and employees of the family. More than 100 people have been quizzed so far.

The final post-mortem reports of the 11 dead bodies are expected to come today. The police will be conducting a psychological autopsy after they will receive the final post-mortem report from doctors. As per the report, the initial autopsy report had said that all 11 members died of hanging and there were no signs of struggle. Police are awaiting the final postmortem and forensic reports. They will send the viscera of the bodies for forensic examination to check if the family members were poisoned.

Meanwhile, the Delhi Police have questioned more than 130 people in the case so far, including relatives, neighbors and one of the deceased Priyanka's fiancée among others. According to the police, Priyanka had told nothing to her fiancée and he had no clue about what was going on in the family.

During the investigation, Police have found 9 stool from the spot and have also recovered 9 mobile phones among which 5 were ordinary phones. However, the number of chunnis has not been yet counted. The cops have also found an iPad which is locked and efforts are made to unlock the device.

A draft map of the crime scene was also prepared by the police in which they noted what, where and in which conditions were the body and other crime-related articles were found. They sketched the crime scene investigating even the minute details like where was the door and the balcony in the house. In fact the team has been given proper training to create the draft map.

We have tried to explain the whole case via recreation

Here are the latest developments in the story:

Psychological autopsy

• Police will conduct a psychological autopsy of the 11 people found dead under mysterious circumstances at their home on July 1 to solve the puzzle.
• A psychological autopsy attempts to study a deceased person's mental state by analysing medical records, interviewing friends and family and conducting research into their state of mind prior to death.
• It will likely be conducted at New Delhi's Central Forensic Science Laboratory, which will form a panel of psychologists to analyse the psyche of the deceased.

Police question kins

• A police team visited Rajasthan to record the statements of family members of Chundawat family and their daughter-in-law Tina's relatives as part of its investigation in the case on Friday.
• Police found an acquaintance of the Chundawat family, who had stayed with them a few years ago. The person told them he was aware of Lalit having delusions about visitations from his dead father.
• The acquaintance confirmed that he had seen Lalit assuming his father's alter-ego, the officer said.
• Lalit was among the people found dead at the Burari home.
• His wife Tina's relatives confirmed that she had told them about Lalit's behaviour but they never suspected it would lead to such a tragedy, the officer said.

Notes recovered from the crime spot

• As per the reports by PTI, by going through the notes recovered from the spot that spoke about replicating 'badh tapasya', in which people get into a banyan tree-formation whose branches hang around, the expert will try and gain an insight into the psyche of the deceased.
• The notes say replicating 'badh tapasya' would make God happy.
• They also seized a religious book.
• The registers recovered from the spot will be sent for handwriting analysis, even though police are sure that one of the writers was 33-year-old Priyanka, another member of the family found dead in the house on July 1.
• On Wednesday, police had retrieved CCTV camera footage that showed some family members bringing stools and wires that were used for their hanging. They had also found 11 diaries which had "psychological musings" and things about attaining "road to God".

Police questions "self-styled god-woman"

• Seeking to unravel the mystery behind the deaths, the Delhi Police has questioned family's employees, including a contractor Kunwar Pal who had installed 11 pipes at the house and his daughter Geeta.
• The police questioned Geeta, the eldest daughter of Kunwar Pal, who according to reports was the "self-styled god-woman" Lalit, one of the dead family members, had met.
• Geeta was questioned for about two hours on Friday and she denied having any association with the Chundawat family.


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