Anand Jon pleads guilty to sex charge

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Updated: 15 Feb 2013 02:46 AM

India-born celebrity fashion designer Anand Jon Alexander,
locked up in California for raping and sexually assaulting models, has
pleaded guilty to one count of forced oral sex in a similar case in New

Alexander pleaded guilty on Thursday on the single count under a plea deal
by which prosecutors dropped 48 other charges of sexually assaulting nine
young models for a sentence of five years time served and five years of
probation, according to New York Daily News.

Currently serving 59 years to life in California, the plea deal to Anand
Jon, who has appeared on "America's Next Top Model," would spare victims
the pain of testifying, prosecutors said.

Anand Jon will return to Manhattan Criminal Court in New York for
sentencing April 2. He also faces sexual assault charges in Texas.

Daily News quoted Assistant District Attorney Maxine Rosenthal as saying
they agreed to the deal "to spare the victims from having to testify at
multiple proceedings."

He added Alexander is "already serving a lengthy sentence."

Daily News cited Alexander's attorney, Angelyn Gates, as saying the
District Attorney's office informed him when they offered the plea deal
that they would only proceed to trial with three of the 12 original
alleged victims.

"Considering the initial 49 charges included allegations of rape, drugging
and mafia death threats, the settlement of one conviction involving
Alexander's giving oral sex to an adult female was acceptable," Gates was
quoted as saying.

Judge Cassandra Mullen asked Anand Jon, "Is it true that in the county of
New York during the period of June 1, 2005 to July 4, 2005 you engaged in
oral sex ... by forcible compulsion?"

"Yes," he replied, according to the New York daily. Then he was hauled
away in handcuffs looking bewildered.