Couple delivers baby in bathroom

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Updated: 17 May 2012 10:11 AM

London: What seems to
be a scene taken from some Hollywood movie, a couple in Britain delivered
their baby in a bathroom all the while being guided by a midwife over
phone as labour lasted barely eight minutes.

Natalie Dunleavy and
Joshua Courtney brought their daughter into the world while a midwife kept
advising them over the phone, The Sun reported.

The 22-year-old
Dunleavy had dismissed her contractions as an upset stomach at the
couple's home in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. When the final moments came a
week earlier than expected, there was no time to dash to hospital.

Courtney, 21, was "absolutely terrified". He checked the baby's umbilical
cord was not tangled before helping deliver her. He later patted the
newborn on the back so she started breathing and wrapped her in towels,
earning midwife's praise.

Wife Natalie said: "It was so quick it
was unbelievable. Josh was amazing."

"I was panicking and the
midwife was calming me down over the phone. I think my body went into
autopilot. The baby's perfect," said the young father.