Donald Trump and French Prez Emmanuel Macron's 'bromance' is breaking the internet

From the awkward peck-handshake combo to brushing off the dandruff, the moments of their 'bromance' have triggered hilarious reactions.

Donald Trump and French Prez Emmanuel Macron's 'bromance' is breaking the internet
Image : Left- AFP PHOTO / ludovic MARIN; Right- Twitter
By: ABP News Web Desk
Updated: 25 Apr 2018 02:45 PM
New Delhi: US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump, hosted their first state dinner on Tuesday welcoming French President Emmanuel Macron.

Trump for sure liked Macron "a lot", and could not conceal his adoration. Different moments of their bromance has triggered hilarious responses from twitteratis.

Check out some awkward display of fondness by Trump.

The extra long hand shake- kiss combo of the two leaders:

A journalist shared the moment on his Twitter handle.

This was not the sole tweet about the handshake . Many verified , non-verified Twitter users were seen cracking jokes about it.

When Trump brushed off Dandruff from Macron's suit 

This is something that indeed raised many eyebrows . Seriously ..does Trump like Macron to that extent ?

He jocularly brushed away what he said was a 'little piece' of dandruff from 'perfect' French President's shoulders to 'make him perfect'.

check out some more hilarious reactions on this gesture:

When Trump held Macron's hands and just literally pulled him along

Trump could be seen leading Macron while holding his hands. Twitteratis bursted in laughter, "is Macron a kid? "