London fire: Protesters swarm Downing Street, demand May's resignation

Updated: 17 Jun 2017 06:30 AM

London [UK], June. 17 (ANI): Angry protestors marched to Downing Street from the Home Office headquarters, chanting against Prime Minister Theresa May over the deadly Grenfell Tower fire disaster

"May must go", "blood on your hands" and "justice for Grenfell" were some of the chants that resounded the streets which were swarming with angry agitators, reports the Independent.

It followed a separate, smaller protest at Kensington Town Hall, where residents tried to air their grievances to councillors.

Another, larger protest also marched through west London, where hundreds of people headed to the burned-out building tower.

"We are here today because you must look at that building with tears streaming down your face," one woman told the group as they neared the foot of the tower.

"We need answers and we need answers now," another man said through a megaphone.

"This should not be happening in the United Kingdom, this should never happen."

At least thirty people died in the inferno, and the death toll is expected to grow.

Prime Minister May vowed on Friday to rehouse victims of the tragedy within three weeks, assuring that the cost of temporary accommodation will be met on their behalf.

After announcing a £5 million support package, Theresa May told Sky News: "We are committed to ensuring that people are rehoused as far as possible within the borough, or in neighbouring boroughs.

"Some people may actually want to go to another part of London where perhaps they have a greater support network, where perhaps they have friends and relatives.

"We are ensuring that within three weeks people will be rehoused so that they have a home to go to." (ANI)

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