Obama Romney tied in Prez race Poll

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Updated: 22 May 2012 11:18 PM

Americans are split between President Barack Obama and his Republican
challenger Mitt Romney less than six months before the Presidential poll
in November, according to two new polls.

A Washington Post/ABC News survey released on Tuesday showed the
two candidates statistically tied with 49 per cent of Americans backing
Obama and 46 per cent supporting Romney.

When asked which contender would best handle the economy, Obama and Romney
were tied at 47 per cent.

A NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released also showed that
voters are nearly evenly split between Obama (47 per cent) and Romney (43
per cent).

Voters were inclined against Obama's handling of the economy - 52 per cent
disapproved, while 43 per cent approved. The numbers were nearly reversed
for his handling of foreign policy.

Polls have shown the economy as the issue of most concern to voters, The
NBC News/Wall Street Journal
survey shows nearly half of voters say
they expect the economy to stay stagnant over the next year. One-third
expect it to improve, and 19 per cent foresee the economy worsening.

A marked enthusiasm gap opened between the two candidates in the Washington

48 per cent of Obama's supporters said they were "very enthusiastic" about
the president's candidacy, compared to 23 per cent of Romney's backers who
said they were "very enthusiastic" about supporting the Republican

Asked further about each candidate's character, voters seemed to favour
Obama. They gave Obama higher marks on "understanding the economic
problems people in this country are having" (48 per cent-40 per cent), as
well as "has the better moral character to serve as president" (52 per
cent-38 per cent).