Over 1,400 same sex marriages registered in Britain

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Updated: 21 Aug 2014 11:59 AM
London: More than 1,400 same sex marriages have been registered since the same sex marriage law was introduced in England and Wales March 29 this year, official statistics showed Thursday.


A total of 1,409 marriages were registered between same sex couples between March 29 and June 30, Xinhua reported citing figures released by the Office for National Statistics.


Among the marriages, 56 percent were female couples, while 44 percent were male couples.


The number of same sex marriages from March to June has seen a gradual increase with 95 in March, 351 in April, 465 in May and 498 in June.


Figures showed the average age of marriage for women was 37 years while the average age for men was 38.6 years.


The first same sex weddings in England and Wales took place March 29.


Same sex marriages are expected to be recognised in Scotland in October, while Northern Ireland has no plan for any changes to its law which does not recognise same sex marriage.