'Weird, inexplicable' things Modi did in New York: John Oliver explains

New Delhi: Prime minister of India Narendra Modi is in the United States of America and the Indian media just can’t stop going gaga over the feat.


Watching the news channels at home, one can easily get the impression that Modi is all that America was waiting for. Some of the coverage makes it seem that the whole population living on that side of the Pacific rose up as one to hail his coming.


But a peek at the media on that side might be sobering.


John Oliver of Last Week Tonight, the witty news analyst who has penchant for picking up on the absurdities of entities who are wont to take themselves seriously, takes up Modi's visit for a couple of minutes.


He points out the some "classic New York things" that the Indian PM did, and he also mentions some "weird, inexplicable things" that happened.


Here is the full video - it is better watched than read:


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