Yogacharya Amit Dev takes Mahaprabhu Ji's Yoga to Russia

Updated: 08 Dec 2017 08:30 PM

New Delhi [India], Dec 8 (ANI-NewsVoir): Yogacharya Amit Dev ji's mission to spread Mahaprabhu Ji's yoga throughout the world reached Russia in the last week of November 2017. He held a yoga camp at the Moscow City Retreat Club from November 29 to December 5, where people of every ethnicity, religion, age, gender were welcomed to experience the magic of yoga.

While some came searching only for peace, others landed in the hope of getting healed. And did they get what they were looking for? Of course; and a lot more than that as well.

The camp was a sure success. People were moved not just in their bodies, but also their souls. They went back with love, compassion and joy in their hearts.

With the resounding success of the recent camp, now Yogacharya Amit Dev ji has planned to open numerous chains of Mahaprabhu Ji's Yoga Studios and Ashram's across Russia. In these studios, Russians will be trained to make yoga a way of life, and not just a form of exercise. He also plans to have regular programmes to train Russians in the true yogic techniques of Mahaprabhu ji.

Yogacharya Amit Dev ji was given the responsibility of this yoga movement in heritage. In 1888, his lineage started Shri Yog Abhyas Ashram Trust. In this 21st century, Yogacharya Amit Dev ji is the torchbearer, spreading the yogic light to the world.

The organisation has its leading body as a 'guru' or leader. The first guru of this institution was Yogeshwar Ramlal Bhagwan, who is known as the 'First Guru Gaddi'. He was succeeded by the Second Guru Gaddi Yogeshwar Mulakhraj Bhagwan in 1938.

Thirteen years later, Yogashwar Devi Dayal Mahadev took over as the Third Guru Gaddi and brought radical changes in the organisation. He went on to establish more than 17 state-level bodies which are running more than 70 temples of yoga across India. They are poised to grow manifold in the coming years.

Towards the end of the last century, in 1998, Swami Surender Dev Ji Maharaj was declared the fourth guru. He established the first Yogeshwar Devi Dayal Mahamandir in Delhi the same year. Today, there are more than 75 such divya yoga mandirs around the world.

The flame his lineage lit decades ago burns bright in Yogacharya Amit Dev ji. He took over as the fifth guru in 29 October 2016 and has been since involved in innumerable activities to spread yoga to the world.

The aura of Yogacharya Amit Dev ji leaves everyone who interacts with him overwhelmed. With his caring heart and deep knowledge of yoga and vedas, he has enriched innumerable lives around him over the years. His organisation, Shri Yog Abhyas Ashram Trust, is just not involved in teaching and curing people through yoga, but is also engaged in extensive research in Yogic health care and meditation.

The organisation has centres across the globe and 100-150 patients are treated in each of them every day. The organisation is headquartered in Delhi with 17 state units and 70 district centres in India.

Now these centres are spreading from Delhi to the rest of the world, and the yoga tradition of India is finding its roots in Russia with Yogacharya Amit Dev ji's noble cause. (ANI-NewsVoir)

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